hip replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery- How It Works & Cost?

hip replacement

Hip replacement is the removal of the specific pelvis or femur portions in the hip joint. This is specifically done for hip pain and hip arthritis. This surgery is also used to treat broken hips or improper growing hips.

There are ultimately three types of hip replacement surgery have been carried out. They are total hip replacement, partial hip replacement, and hip resurfacing. This article clearly explained the causes, symptoms, treatment, and Hip replacement surgery cost in detail.

What are the symptoms of hip replacement surgery?

  • If there is continuous pain in the hip that is not relieved by any medication
  • The hip pain that interferes the work, everyday activity, or sleep
  • Hip stiffness that creates pain during work or sleep
  • Any kind of arthritis symptom
  • The hip bone that is broken due to some injury or accident
  • Hip stiffness that restricts motion

If you find any difficulty which is mentioned above, then it’s time to check with the orthopedic doctor for further treatment.

Hip Anatomy

The hip contains a ball and socket joint. The ball at the top of the thigh bone is called the femoral head and the socket is called the acetabulum which is a part of the pelvis. This ball and socket help us to move forward, backward, rotate, and walk in sideways.

In a healthy hip, the cartilage covers the ball and socket which help us to work smoothly. When the cartilage gets damaged or worn down then it’s time to consult the hip specialist regarding further treatment.

The doctor checks the condition of the problem and suggests the corresponding diagnosis and treatment based on age factors. It is important to consult the doctor once the symptoms are caused for immediate treatment and a fast recovery.

How will you know if joint replacement surgery is required?

The following are the major condition that damages the hip joint. It is necessary to go for hip replacement surgery based on the condition, diagnosis, and suggestion from an orthopedic surgeon.

  • Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is damage that occurs at end of the bones. It is commonly called wear and tear that damages the slick cartilage. This Osteoarthritis treatment helps the joint move smoothly.
  • Osteonecrosis: In case of absence or low supply of blood to the ballpoint in the hip joint results in fracture or dislocation of the joint. The bone gets collapses and thus requires proper treatment.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: This is associated with the problem related to the cause of immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis erodes the cartilage and produces inflammation in the bone resulting in joint damage or deforms.

Types of hip replacement surgery

When you suffer from severe hip pain, it is important to be noted in the initial stage for faster recovery. The physician suggests you take an X-ray to find the problem’s cause and suggest effective treatment for replacing the hip problems.

There are three major hip replacement surgery exists; they are partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, and hip resurfacing.

  • Total hip replacement: Total hip replacement is the most common type of hip replacement that is carried out by replacing the damaged section of the hip with artificial implants. In this surgery, the socket in the hip is replaced with a durable plastic cup that includes a titanium metal shell. Here, the femoral head is replaced with a ball that is made of ceramic or metal alloy. Then the new ball will be attached to the metal stem of the top of the femur.
  • Partial hip replacement: This hip replacement is scientifically called hemiarthroplasty which involves replacing the affected side of the hip joint in the femoral head instead of total hip replacement. This is the common surgery done for a fractured hip. 
  • Hip resurfacing: Hip resurfacing involves trimming the cracked or damaged bone and replacing it with cartilage made of a ball or socket. A metal shell is placed on the hip socket that helps in allowing painless fluid motion. This treatment is done for youngsters and not for old age people. The approximate lifetime of this surgery will function around 10 years of the mark.

Hip replacement surgical methods

Two surgical approaches exist in hip replacement- The posterior approach and the anterior approach.

  1. Posterior approach: It is the most common traditional approach used for pain relief and improvement in hip motion. In the posterior approach, an incision is made behind or beside the hip joint. Here the surgeon replaces the hip joint with a ball or metal.
  2.  Anterior approach: This is the minimal approach; In the anterior approach, the surgeon makes a small incision near the front of the hip. The surgeon places an artificial joint without damaging the tendons and muscles.

Hip replacement surgery cost

The estimated amount for hip replacement surgery varies from person to person. It is also based on how the hip joint gets damaged or worn down. The average cost ranges from 80,000 to 3,00,000.

The hip replacement involves removing the damaged section in the joint as a part or whole and replacing it with the required artificial joint made of hard plastic, metal, or ceramic.

It typically helps to reduce the pain and increases hip motion. Hip replacement surgery can also be done with insurance coverage.

How to choose a hip replacement surgeon?

Before choosing an orthopedic surgeon it is important to check the surgeon’s credentials, experience, and reputation. Research the success rate of hip replacement from the corresponding hospital.

Check with the hospital facility and supporting staff like an anesthesiologist. The success rate of hip replacement is very high. Check the success rate in the corresponding hospital before choosing the surgeon.

Final words:

The orthopedic surgeon suggests hip replacement only to the required patients. The common symptoms include sleepless nights, continuous pain in the affected area, fracture, dislocation of joints, or unable to walk on the floor or upstairs.

Hip replacement is a medication treatment that is suggested when hip pain or joint pain persists for a long time even after medication. The artificial joint greatly helps to reduce pain and functions the hip part properly. But a complete recovery of hip replacement varies from person to person, but it typically helps to increase the hip range of motion.

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