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4 Best Free SEO Tools to Check for Your Website

SEO Tools

SEO practices are becoming more important each day due to the changes in the algorithms used by search engines. Numerous companies employ SEO strategies to connect with greater audiences by increasing organic clicks and traffic to their websites. The most effective SEO methods are the result of well-organized and efficient studies.

The optimization process that can be out without finding and fixing the problems and flaws on websites will not be sufficient and can harm any SEO performance.

In the long term, successful SEO analysis may require tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Of course, the best tools analyze the data, but they’re not the only way for implementing SEO methods.

This is why we offer the most effective FREE SEO tools and sites that you can employ to conduct your research.

1. Rencotools- Plagarism Checker

Content is among the most crucial elements in SEO practices for websites since search engines verify to see if the information is authentic or not before deciding to rank and list the website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

If the content of an article is copied from various sources, it may adversely affect search engine traffic and even result in penalties for search engines like SandBox.

Plagiarism Checker tool by Rencotools allows users possibility of determining what content on the internet is original or not. It also displays the URLs of the sources in case the content comes via other websites. This tool is free for up to 1000 words. You can use the Rencotools Plagiarism Checker by pasting the content or directly inserting the URL.

2. Broken Link Checker 

Broken links are links that are not working anymore and are among the most significant issues that impact SEO performance adversely because search engines don’t wish for users to experience an unpleasant experience when they visit their sites and spend their time visiting websites that do not be opened. So, broken links are the danger area of SEO and could result in less organic traffic, lower rankings, and visibility of websites.

Broken Link Checker can be an online tool to detect broken links on websites for free! BrokentLinkChecker is available after simply typing a URL into the box and then clicking on the “Find Broken Links” button. After identifying that the links are broken, you can repair them and develop different strategies for improving SEO performance.

3. GTMetrix and Pagespeed 

Another important metric for web search results is page speed, which is the primary factor in better user experience since if users take an extended time to access an internet page, then the search engines will perceive it as not performing well and will appropriately classify the website.

Pagespeed and GTMetrixare free SEO tools that provide Page speed analysis that reveals not only the performance of the page but also helpful tips to solve the issues. While Pagespeed examines websites using Google’s guidelines such as FCP, LCP, and CLS, GTMetrix performs its analysis by the criteria of all search engines. We recommend that you utilize both of these tools to look at the different aspects of your website and to identify aspects for better SEO practices.

Additionally, using Pagespeed and GTMetrix by putting URLs into the box and then clicking the analyze button.

4. Soovle – Keyword Suggestion

Search engines seek to meet the needs of users by providing original, well-crafted, and well-written content an effective keyword strategy is vital to getting a position on the SERP using the most relevant search terms. To convince web crawlers that the information on the website is relevant to the relevant search terms the website content should contain the right keywords and semantics based on keyword analysis.

Soovle is a free SEO tool that analyzes websites such as Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, and more. The tool is dynamically compile and displays some of the top keywords depending on the search term through its search bar.

These are among the best free SEO tools you could think about when implementing online marketing plans. These free tools increase SEO friendliness and make websites more compatible with both search engines and users! If you have additional concerns about SEO or other methods of digital marketing don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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