How to Grill Cajun Style Crabs at Home

How to Grill Cajun Style Crabs at Home – Redcrab

How to Grill Cajun Style Crabs at Home

In the summer, grilling Cajun-style crabs is one of the various fun ways to serve dinner on the table. The flesh of grilled Cajun crab goes well with almost any side dish. Cajun crabs are a little expensive to buy, but preparing them at home is far less cheap than eating them out at a seafood restaurant, so why not make them yourself?

Now, what is holding you back from making and enjoying this homemade juicy seafood? The recipes for grilled Cajun crab are rather simple. All you need is to pay close attention to all the instructions we have narrowed down in this blog. Below-mentioned tips and recommendations will guarantee you amazing results.

Tips for Grilling Cajun Style Crabs

The tips mentioned below will help you get the best results with grilled Cajun-style crab recipes.

Use the Right Type of Cajun Crabs

There are a lot of Cajun crabs available and all of them can be easily grilled. Red Cajun crabs, golden king Cajun crabs, Dungeness Cajun crabs, and snow Cajun crabs are excellent choices. Cajun king crabs are the largest and have the most flesh. At a seafood restaurant, they are perhaps the most popular type of crabs as well. The legs of snow crabs are thinner than those of king crabs. The smallest of the three crabs is ‘Dungeness’ – however they are famous for their extremely delicious meat.

At some stores, Alaskan king crabs are available in the frozen and pre-cooked state. You only need to sautéed and reheat them. It is crucial to defrost your crabs before grilling to make sure that there is even heat distribution. It is important to choose the right type of Cajun crab which suits your taste and grill it accordingly.


Pick the Right Size of Cajun Crabs

Cajun crabs are available in multiple shapes and sizes, and their legs are also diversified in size. They are easier to extract and also the meat from larger crabs is softer to eat than smaller ones. One more point to note is that larger Cajun crabs are relatively easier to handle with tongs and turns than smaller crabs.

Preparatory steps of Cajun Style Crabs

Start by preheating the grill to almost 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit directly on the fire – particularly if you’re grilling crabs on a gas grill. If you have to use frozen crabs, remove the bag from the freezer and defrost them in cold or hot water.  One more way to defrost it is on the counter while the grill heats up. Frozen crabs don’t necessarily need to be thawed entirely before grilling – usually, they heat up quickly and are already cooked.

Thawing the Cajun Crabs

The next step is to fill the sink halfway with cold water and let the crabs rest in the water for around half an hour or 20 minutes to defrost.  Then start rinsing the Cajun crabs through and through, when they have been thawed. It is up to you if you want to thaw the crabs in the refrigerator overnight. The only thing you need to ensure is that they don’t leak.

Sprinkle Some Seasoning

In a juicy seafood restaurant Cajun crabs coated in melted butter are simple and delish, however, there is more seasoning available that can be used. When you cut the Cajun crab lengthwise, you can season them directly and then start removing the meat layer by layer which makes it easier. Season the crabmeat with the seafood seasoning of your choice – you can prepare your own marinade and apply it when you cook.

Cooking Cajun Crabs on the Grill

Nevertheless, grilling Cajun crabs is not a conventional and prevalent preparation technique. However, it is a quick and simple way to cook this delicious meal. Cajun crabs are cooked rapidly. You can buy them in a frozen state or prepare them yourself from scratch. Cajun crabs grilling can be done on a charcoal or gas grill – a gas grill permits for more calculated temperature control, while charcoal adds a delicious smokey flavor.


Step-by-step Process to Cook Cajun Style Crabs

  • Put the Cajun crabs on the pre-heated grills and cut the shells.
  • Now use a vegetable oil spray on the grill grates and brush a little oil on the crabs. In this way, crabs will be prevented from sticking to the grill.
  • For large-size crabs, cook for only five minutes per side.
  • Keep the grill’s lid open during the process.
  • Avoid overcooking the meat because it will make it rubbery and lose part of its flavor.
  • The meat of the crab should be firm and white and not rubbery.
  • The delicious smell of perfectly cooked crab meat should also be detectable.

Grill the Cajun Crabs with Garlic Butter Sauce

Cajun crabs can be grilled with garlic butter sauce. Following are the steps involved in the grilling process of the Cajun crabs with garlic butter sauce and they should be followed properly for delish results whether at home or any cajun restaurant.


  • Take the preheated grill (medium-high heat)
  • Make sure to split the crabs in half and set them up on a baking pan.
  • Mix the ingredients for the garlic butter sauce in a bowl using a spoon. For sauce making, use melted butter.
  • Spread the garlic butter over the split crabs gently. Make sure to keep some butter aside for dishing.
  • Now place the Cajun crabs, shell-side down, on the grill. Keep the lid closed and heat for about 10 minutes unless the crab is fully cooked.
  • Cooked cajun crab meat will be reddish-orange and opaque.
  • Remove the crabs from the grill, and serve them with fresh lemon wedges and the delicious garlic butter sauce.

Now your Cajun-style crabs are ready to eat. Enjoy it with your friends and family.

Wrap up

We hope you learned the right way to cook and grill Cajun-style crabs today. The taste will be equivalent to well-known cajun restaurant crabs, we assure you that. Happy eating.

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