How do Dresses Define Your Bodies Shapes


All of us are beautiful. However, we have unique body shapes. Our bodies go through their own experiences over the years. Sometimes we put on weight, sometimes we lose and over the years our bodies keep evolving.


Our ever-changing body shape reflects our experiences as a girl, a woman, a mother, homemakers and various other roles during our life. So all our bodies require some much-needed love with customised dresses online in India. So give yourself some pampering and retail therapy with a customised dress online.


Buying or stitching clothes that fit our body is an expression of self-love. As modern customers, we can buy customised dresses online in India according to our taste and body shape. To be able to customise a dress is a must to look beautiful and be a natural fashionista.


Wearing solid and neutral colours can make one look subtle and understated. In contrast, vibrant colours communicate freedom, fun and risque. Fancy, printed fabric draws attention to ourselves. You can customise the dress with fabric work such as embroidery, sequin, and creative prints that make a good impression. You can incorporate these easily with a customised dress online.


The custom dress design is a reasonably new fashion concept. Cloudtailor is stitching dresses for ladies and helping them find a perfect dress suited to their body types.


The way you dress can accentuate your body shape. Whether you are an XS or 6XL, a customised dress online can make or break the way you look. The concept of wearing a certain kind of garment only when one is a size zero is passe.


As evolved women, we have the right to wear anything we want, so customised dress online is becoming so popular now. Custom tailoring makes finding the right dress in the correct size straightforward by stitching dresses for ladies.


So, get yourself a customised dress online, a bottom-wear or tops, tunics etc., and see the effect of personalisation. A simple kurta can look special because it fits you perfectly. Moreover, custom made dresses online in India can help you downplay the problem areas and accentuate the body parts you want to highlight.


For instance, you can highlight your collarbones and wear a customised red top with a boat neckline. The idea is to focus on the best parts of your body with custom made dresses online in India, and an experienced dressmaker who specialises in stitching dresses for ladies can help you do that.


You can add some pearl studs on the sleeves to wear with a pair of nude trousers if you want the attention on your legs. In contrast, wear darker pants if you wish to draw the attention away and make the bottom part appear thinner. But, again, online tailoring services that are stitching dresses for ladies can easily help you with this.


Baggy clothes can help petite women look like they have more muscles. Likewise, wearing something fitting, be it a white turtle neck or a pair of skinny black jeans, would accentuate the curves in the body.


Suppose you cannot find a readymade dress that solves your styling issues. Cloudtailor is a brand that specialises in stitching dresses for ladies and can help you with design inspiration, sourcing material to execution. As a result, many women turn to custom made dresses bodies in India.


A Kaftan customised dress online surely fits your body and can make you feel more comfortable with its relaxed body shape. Customised dresses online in India offer you brilliant custom dress design suggestions. But, first, decide on a custom dress design with the help of a stylist, designer and tailor.


Also, pay attention to the reviews of other happy customers who have customised dresses online in India. Then, you can decide on the ideal custom made dresses online in India after measuring yourself perfectly and choosing a custom dress design that flatters your curves.


Suppose you have a heavy bust. In that case, you can wear bright colours on the bottom or an A-lined custom dress design or a flared skirt to keep the focus on the bodies body part.


Similarly, if you have a pear-shaped body, you can do quite the opposite to even out the shape. You can get a desired customised dress online in a style and print that suits you.


Customised dress online has become a sensational trend. And quite honestly, to customise the dress and one’s clothing is an act of self-love. Tailors whose expertise lies in stitching dresses for ladies can help you with it.


The custom dress design is not only sustainable and fashionable, but it addresses the changes in your body. Cloudtailor offers free lifetime alteration to custom made dresses online in India. We can use the same dress to modify it in different ways over time.


For instance, you may opt for short sleeves with your custom made dresses online in India. But if you lose weight later, you might want to alter the sleeves and get custom made embroidery around its shoulder for a renewed look. Cloudtailor will alter the sleeves for free. Getting customised dresses online in India has become much easier with the Cloudtailor app.


Height is one such feature of the body that doesn’t change after a particular age. However, getting a customised, high-waisted pair of jeans with fade impressions or a magnificent print on the pockets can make you appear taller.


Also, short customised dresses online in India make one look smart and create an illusion of elongating your legs. Cloudtailor is stitching dresses for ladies that customise dresses online in India.


Women should not “fit into clothes”, the clothes should fit you. There is diversity in body shapes, and we need to embrace inclusive fashion by getting customised dresses online in India. Irrespective of your shape and size, wear custom made dresses online in India that make you feel good about yourself. So, get yourself accustomed to the new way of customised dresses online in India and feel beautiful always with the custom dress designs Read More

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