You may be guaranteed to discover printing and packaging services for your company’s needs at The Legacy Printing. You’ve arrived to the best place if you’re looking for custom printed product boxes in small quantities or wholesale packaging boxes. For all custom product boxes, the company provides printing services. Just you need to do is, provide us with some design ideas and the dimensions of the bespoke boxes you require.

The company understands your requirements because they are experienced professionals in this field. Furthermore, the organization offers services that are affordable. Whether you’re looking for boxes based on industry or aesthetics. The specialists at the firm will help you find the greatest packaging options. The company also offers design assistance, so you can tell the specialists what you need and the creative designers will create a prototype for you. The company will further personalize the design based on your preferences to ensure that you get the best boxes for your style.

The Legacy Printing has a selection of custom wholesale boxes with logos. As a result, wholesalers can obtain wholesale boxes with perfectly printed logos. These wholesale boxes are created with high-quality material So that your product will get transported safely in wholesale boxes.

A newly introduced packaging solution that has been provided by the company and spread like wildfire is that of Hexagon Packaging. Here is a brief introduction to that:


Hexagon packaging boxes are the most popular packaging option for products with unusual or unusual dimensions. What sets them apart is the large amount of functional space they have, which is ideal for a variety of products. Cosmetics, jewellery, personalised gifts, food, and other comparable goods fit well in these boxes. These boxes have risen to the top of the most popular gift box list. They appear appealing, have enormous dimensions, and come in a variety of styles.

Custom hexagon packaging boxes, unlike rectangular or ordinary square boxes, have a lot of room and have a unique dimension. They have a six-sided shape rather than four, which gives them their distinct trait. They can be used for a variety of purposes because they have excess room. They’re great for storing cosmetics, gift items, food, dry goods, and even Chinese food boxes. IMH Packaging ensures that the unique items are delivered in the most appealing, stunning printing quality possible, with durable, protective, and long-lasting materials.

The aforementioned company can apply the most advanced modification techniques to make them appear gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. Hexagon packaging boxes provide product security and are set up differently. They are perfect for packaging and transporting expensive objects due to their distinctive shape. They have a lot of room and can handle a lot of things.


The bespoke Hexagon packaging boxes are no exception to the rule that uniqueness is the key to attracting attention. The packaging is the item that constructs the product image, thus the brands need to be faultless in this decision. It is critical to put your hexagon packaging order with the proper vendor in order to achieve packaging perfection. The company provides clients with high-quality hexagon boxes that may be entirely personalized.

The company has a long list of delighted clients who can rely on the quality of their packaging products. You may rely on The Legacy Printing’s professionals for creative packaging and printing solutions for bespoke hexagon boxes. The company may give them an additional special touch and design them with eye-catching images. To maximize their potential, print them with high-quality inks and customize them in all dimensions and sizes.

Best Design:

The Legacy Printing is committed to providing its customers with the best designs and layouts for their product packaging, and their success is the company’s top priority. As a result, the company is doing and providing its best Hexagon packaging boxes. And cardboard to help your company succeed and increase demand for your product. The company’s professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in producing packaging. That is more likely to attract attention and generate more sales revenue. Allowing you to advance and succeed with your product.

The company’s employees are constantly available to help and take orders at the customer service centre. Ensuring that its clients are not inconvenienced and can receive answers to any issues or questions. The company’s professionals assist customers in designing packages with a wonderful finishing look and excellent printing that is more appealing and engaging. So that shoppers are drawn to your product and your brand is known in the market. Customers of the aforementioned company receive free shipping to their homes.

Accurate Size:

The Legacy Printing will supply these bespoke boxes with accurate die-cut finishes that will leave every corner smooth and make them sturdy on retail shop shelves. Hexagon packaging boxes feature six equal sides in length with changes in their widths, which adds to the depth of the packaging box. The company creates beautiful packaging and features to capture your clients’ attention and increase your sales.

Retailers must have Hexagon packaging boxes to sell their items, which must be displayed in a variety of appealing boxes in order to increase brand demand. Window boxes will allow customers to interact directly with the goods. You can order a bespoke hexagon wholesale box to ship your products to other retailers and far-flung locations for sale. Cardboard hexagon boxes must be composed of a high-quality, durable material. That will ensure that these products are delivered safely and without contamination, ensuring that clients receive a perfect, high-quality product for safe usage.

The aforementioned organization also offers custom printed hexagon packaging box. Which are produced using high-quality and cutting-edge technology to create an outstanding printing solution for the packaging. Experts at the company deal with these machines and provide better-printed packaging.

You can have your brand’s logo printed, as well as eye-catching lines and various types of attractive typography, to improve its appearance and make it more enticing to shoppers. The company’s professionals will create perfect layouts and templates for you based on current market trends and fashions, as well as provide you with free design assistance and proofreading for your purchase.

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