hero cycles for men and women

What Are the Differences Between Cycles for Men and Women?

hero cycles for men and women

Have you ever wondered why some cycles are of pastel colours or have fancy bells while some have dark colours and a sharp look? Why are women’s cycles frilly while men’s are fierce?

Aside from aesthetics, there are many reasons for the difference between men’s and women’s cycles. Both types of cycles also differ in their performance and components. You might be thinking, why is there a difference between these bicycles? Does selecting the cycle depend upon gender? Dive into this blog to get the answers!

Why Is There a Need to Select the Right Bicycle?

If you feel that your hands or toes are numb, there is pain in your back or knees or any other kind of aches or pain after cycling, and it means your body is not fit for that cycle, and you need to change it.

It is well known that everyone has a different height and body structure. It is difficult to find the torso of two people should be similar. So, both of them may get fit on the same cycle. Otherwise, it will affect their performance. Ultimately, selecting the cycle that fits your body and that you find comfortable to ride is important.

What Is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s bicycles?

Maybe you cannot differ both cycle categories at first glance. But, upon closer look, you can pin out some differences that make them suited for men and women.

Some of these differences are given below:

1. Frame size:

It is the biggest difference between both categories. Typically, women are shorter than men (yes, we agree that’s not the case every time, but in most cases). So, the size of the frame of women’s cycles is shorter than men’s. Other than height, women have shorter torsos. Therefore, cycles often reach a shorter length compared to men’s.

Other components, such as the cycle’s handlebar, stem etc., also differ because of height and torso differences. Hence, selecting the one that makes you feel more comfortable is crucial.

2. Frame structure:

It is the next most important difference between men’s and women’s cycles. Normally, ladies’ cycles often have a low-step frame, while gents have a step-over or a crossbar frame.

This difference is made by considering the dresses worn by women because it is difficult to ride a step-over cycle wearing skirts and other dresses. The absence of a crossbar lets them get on or off the cycle easily. On the other hand, crossbars are considered the factor that can improve the longevity of cycles.

So, consider the frame structure that suits you best!

3. Saddle:

Generally, there is a difference in the saddle of female and male-specific cycles. But, it is not in all cases. This difference is because the pelvic bones in females are typically wider compared to males.

Usually, women’s cycles have wider and smaller saddles, while men’s are narrower. However, performance riders prefer cycles with narrower saddles, providing extra space for pedalling.

4. Suspension:

It is another point that differs between cycles. However, it is not the point to be preferred much while purchasing a cycle. Usually, men’s and women’s cycles have similar suspensions. But, you need to adjust it as per your weight. Adjusting suspension is simple, and you do not need any expert or mechanic. When facing any issue, you can contact your local dealer for assistance.

5. Style:

It is the most generic difference between men’s and women’s cycles. A wide range of colours and styles are available in the market for each category.

Generally, women bicycles are accessorised with bright colours and wicker baskets, while men’s cycles stick to neutral colours. However, these aesthetic differences do not affect the selection of a cycle. You can select whichever you like and find fits the best. Other than this, the thing which matters is your love towards your bicycle.


Everyone has a different body style. Hence, it is necessary to select the cycle that suits posture the best. Regardless of gender, what matters are the feelings you get during your stress period by cycling.

Although there are differences in the bicycle for men and women, selecting cycles based on gender is less important than selecting based on comfort. So, choose the one that fits your needs!

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