Use Turkish bank cards (Visa and MasterCard), electronic payments

Pusat Bantuan untuk Quotex.


Jutaan trader dari seluruh dunia telah mempercayai Quotex sebagai broker pilihan mereka. Karena FAQ Quotex cukup komprehensif, ada kemungkinan besar jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan, orang lain pernah memiliki pertanyaan Daftar Quotex yang sama di masa lalu.


Kami memiliki jawaban atas pertanyaan yang paling sering diajukan di sini untuk Anda: 


Cara Menghubungi Tim Dukungan Quotex


Cara menghubungi Quotex melalui formulir kontak mereka


“Formulir kontak” adalah metode lain untuk menghubungi tim dukungan Quotex. Untuk menerima tanggapan kembali, Anda harus mengisi alamat email Anda di sini. Selain itu, Anda harus mengisi pesan teks.


Untuk menghubungi Dukungan Quotex, klik tautan “Kontak” di bagian bawah halaman atau kunjungi situs web berikut:

Masukkan informasi yang ingin Anda tanyakan dan kirimkan.


Cara Menghubungi Tim Dukungan Quotex

Anda dapat membuat permintaan di sini jika Anda dapat masuk ke Platform Quotex.

Cara Menghubungi Tim Dukungan Quotex


Bantuan dengan Quotex melalui Surat (alamat)


Gunakan opsi “Alamat surat” untuk cara lain menghubungi tim dukungan Quotex. Oleh karena itu, mohon gunakan alamat resmi jika ingin mengirimkan sesuatu yang penting. Tetapi baik email atau panggilan telepon akan dikirimkan kepada Anda dengan jawabannya.


Informasi kontak untuk Maxbit LLC: Lantai Pertama, Gedung Pertama St. Vincent Bank LTD, James Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent dan Grenadines.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

5) Complete the form by providing the necessary payment information.


6) Send a check.


Withdrawal successful

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex


What is the smallest deposit possible?

The benefit of using the Company’s trading platform is that you can open an account without making a sizable initial deposit. By making a small initial investment, you can begin trading. The required down payment is ten US dollars.


Does it cost anything to deposit or withdraw money from the account?

No. For both the deposit and withdrawal operations, the business levies no fees.


However, it is important to remember that payment systems are free to set their own fees and apply their own exchange rates.


Do I have to deposit money into my trading platform account, and if so, how often?

You must create a personal account in order to work with digital options. Undoubtedly need to pay a deposit equal to the cost of the purchased options in order to complete real trades.


You can begin trading without money by only using the demo account provided by the company (demo account). This kind of account is made available without charge in order to show how the trading platform works. With the aid of such an account, you can test different methods and strategies, practice buying digital options, comprehend the fundamentals of trading, and assess your level of intuition.

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How do I get my money out of Quotex?

Withdrawing money is a very easy process that is handled through your individual account.


You can withdraw money from the account using the same method that you used to deposit money.


For instance, if you deposited money into your account using the Visa payment system, you can withdraw money using the same method.


It is very important to register an account individually for yourself in order to confirm your rights to it at any time. The Company may request verification when a withdrawal of a sufficiently large amount is made (verification is requested at the Company’s sole discretion).


  1. Open the Trading in Quotex Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  2. Enter the withdrawal amount you want to make. I get cash using Bitcoin.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

Another method of payment

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

  1. Type in the Pincode that was sent to your email. In the Trading in Quotex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, click “Confirm.”
  2. Your request for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Trading in Quotex was sent successfully.


How much time does it take to make a withdrawal?

The withdrawal process, which depends only on the number of requests being processed at once, typically takes one to five days from the date the client’s request is received. The business always tries to fulfill client requests for payments immediately after receiving them.


What is the bare minimum for withdrawals?

For most payment systems, the minimum withdrawal amount is ten US dollars.

Bitcoin withdrawals require a minimum of fifty dollars.


Do I need to submit any paperwork in order to withdraw money?

Typically, no additional paperwork is required in order to withdraw money. However, the Company reserves the right to request specific documents from you in order to verify your personal information. Typically, this is done to stop activities like financial fraud, illegal trade, and the use of funds obtained illegally.


The list of required documents is short, and providing them won’t require much of your time or energy.


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Receive $10,000 for Free for New Users of Quotex


What information is necessary in order to register on the Company website?

You must first create a trading account in order to profit from digital options. You must register on the Company website in order to do this.


The registration procedure is straightforward and quick.


On the suggested form, a questionnaire must completed. It will be necessary for you to enter the following details:

name (in English) (in English)

the email address (indicate the current, work, address)

dialing a phone number (with a code, like + 44123….)

a password that you will use going forward to log into the system (to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your personal account, we advise using a complex password made up of lowercase, uppercase, and digits). Don’t let anyone else know the password.)


Several options for funding your trading account will be presented to you after completing the sign-up form.


Account verification – what is it?

In digital options, verification refers to the Client’s confirmation of his personal information by supplying the Company with additional documents. The Client’s verification requirements are as straightforward as possible, and the number of documents required is minimal. For instance, a company might inquire:

provide a color scan of the client’s passport’s first page (passport page with photo)

using a “selfie” to help you identify (photograph of himself)

verify the Client’s residence/registration address, etc.


If it is impossible to fully identify the Client and the information he entered, the Company may ask for any documents.


  1. Visit the Trading in Quotex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for Account Verification.
  2. Enter your identity online

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

Your profile has fully validated.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

The Client will need to wait a little while before checking the provided information after the electronic copies of the documents have been delivered to the Company.


Is it possible to enter false information about other people when registering on a website?

No. The client self-registers on the company’s website, filling out the registration form completely and truthfully with information about himself and keeping it up to date.


The Company may ask for documentation or summon the Client to its office if it becomes necessary to conduct various types of identity checks on the Client.


Your individual profile might be blocked if the information you entered during registration does not match the information on the submitted documents.


How can I comprehend that I must complete account verification?

You will be notified by email and/or SMS notification if passing verification is required.


Nevertheless, the Company makes use of the contact information you provided on the registration form (in particular, your email address and phone number). So, take care to give accurate and pertinent information.


How long does it take to verify information?

From the time the Company receives the requested documents, no more than 5 (five) business days may pass.


How can I correct a mistake that I made when entering data into my personal account?

You must edit the profile and get in touch with the company’s technical support team.


How can I tell if my verification was successful?

After your account has been verified, you will be able to continue using the company’s trading platform. You will be notified by email and/or SMS when this has happened.

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Free $10,000 For Newcomers

Trading Quotex


What choices exist digitally?

A derivative financial product called an option is one that is based on any underlying asset, such as a stock, a pair of currencies, oil, etc.


A DIGITAL OPTION is a non-standard option that used to profit from changes in these assets’ prices over a specific time period.


A digital option can result in a loss or a fixed income (the difference between the trade income and the asset’s price), depending on the terms of the transaction and the timing set by the parties (in the amount of the value of the asset).


The size of the potential profit and loss are known even before the trade because the digital option bought in advance at a fixed price.


The time restriction is another aspect of these deals. Every option has a unique term (expiration time or conclusion time).


A fixed payment always made in the event of an option win, regardless of how much the price of the underlying asset has changed (whether it has gone up or down). Your risks therefore only as great as the price at which the option is purchased.


The Quotex Trading Process

Simply fund your account and log in to the platform to start trading binary options. By default, binary options trading will be visible.


  1. Select the trading asset. Money, commodities, digital currency, and indices

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

  1. Pick a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) of Trading in Quotex Expiration Time
  2. Pick a trade quantity. $1 is the minimal trade amount.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

  1. Depending on your forecast, choose the Up (Green) or Down (Red) options. Press “Up” if you anticipate a price increase, and “Down” if you anticipate a price decrease.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

  1. As soon as your position expires, the outcome of your trade will show up on your Balance. Under The Trades, you can keep track of the progress of your order.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) for Trading in Quotex

Wishing you luck and happy trading.


Register with Quotex to receive a free $10,000 bonus for new users.

What is a trade’s expiration period?

The trade deem finished (closed) at the expiration period, and the outcome will then automatically added up.

You choose the time of execution of the transaction independently when concluding a trade with digital options (1 minute, 2 hours, month, etc.).


Why is a trading platform necessary? What does it entail?

A software system known as a trading platform that enables the client to carry out trades (operations) using various financial instruments It also has access to a variety of information, including the value of quotations, current market positions, the company’s actions, etc.

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