Best Utensils for your kitchen


Best Utensils for your kitchen


Why one need to worry about cooking when a wide range of kitchen appliances can make your cooking task easier? From sandwich maker to chopper, a large number of kitchen appliances is available on websites like Amazon, flip kart etc…

That can help you cook with utmost ease. The best part about these appliances is that they are available at a very reasonable and affordable price. These products won’t only make your job easier, but will also make your cooking easier and faster.

At the present time we all need a extra time for our health, skill and a quality time with our kids. As i have said that a handly and time saving tools makes your day easily.

In this article let us see the TOP15 easy kitchen appliances where the price range is only within 1500.  It is really helpful to me in all day, specifically when guest are in family.

“My temper manifests itself when I can’t find something. I could swear that there is a plot against me to put kitchen utensils in the wrong drawers.”– Tom Conti

1. Compact Vegetable Chopper
The Main task when comes to cooking is chopping vegetables like onions, tomatoes, garlic etc.. It is a Perfect for cutting onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, boneless meat, nuts and more in seconds The chopper prize range differs from 120 to 300 according to prize range. Most important is that it give a various shape that make our food delicious.

To Begun with a toast, fruits, salad in your breakfast, can boost of your day.

2. Barbeque Grill Set for Home Charcoal Tandoor
Tandoori foods is one of the loved foods by most of the people .With this tandoor maker you can make tandoori dishes without the use of an oven. It include tools 4 skewers, 1 grill, 1 coal tray, 1 tong. So, get ready to grill various dishes like tandoori chicken, grilled veggies, paneer at home.

The price range starts from 1100 to 1700. This time we really want some spicy and hot food at home. You may do it with this.

For example –  Home BBQ

3. Hand Blender
This hand blender is one of the best appliances that will let you make different types of puree, batter and more. You can use these blender to make the delicious cake batter. This hand blender is of great help which will avoid the task of manually blending things of different ingredients in large quantities. Hand blender prize range starts from 800 to 1400. In short it will also help you to make some homemade beauty pack.

4. Bread POP UP Toaster
One of the best breakfast is commonly made by people is bread toast .Why does one need to prepare the toast manually, when these Toaster makes crispier bread toast in minutes. Prize range starts from 1200 to 2000. We may use this not only at home, even we may keep them with in while traveling with family.

Best Utensils for your kitchen
Best Utensils for your kitchen

5. Stainless Steel Washable Watermelon Cutter
Stainless steel watermelon knife makes it simple easy to cut, slice, scoop, and serve juicy watermelon pieces with perfect pieces. It’s also safe for kids to use because it uses rounded plastic edges rather than blades which protect from cuts. Prize range is just 150 to 300. Basically water fruits is really a great sources of your health. This one will really work.

6. Mini Waffle Maker
Waffle is one of the favorite foods by kids and elders. Why one need to order them .Anyone can make restaurant like quality waffle using this Mini waffle iron maker, This waffles machine can we used by anyone and easy to use. You can make thick nonstick waffle by using this maker.

Prize Range stars from 900 to 2000. in short if you want your kids happy and buzy in their craft. Just go with it.

7.5 in 1 Chopper Set
Fastest, safest and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables is by using 5 in 1 Chopper set. One can cut any fruits and vegetables in their desirable size and shapes. Since it is Hand Operated, No Electricity Needed, This kitchen gadget is both thrifty and nifty, and will save. Your husband want to help you but he dont know how to, a chooper set can done it easily. Atleast it can save your vegetable cleaning and chopping time

you the hassle of fiddly chopping. Its little blades are uber-sharp. Just drag it along the veg as if peeling to get perfectly julienned strips of goodness. Chopper range starts from 400 to 1000.

8. Stainless steel spice mill
You can grind your spices like salt pepper anytime and also seal them with closed cap after grinding ensuring spices remain fresh anytime the stainless steel spice mill is elegantly designed which allows you to easily adjust from a fine to coarse grind. Prize range is from 300 to 500.

9. Plastic Baking Measurement Cups
Measuring Cup and Spoon Set are very useful tool in the kitchen especially when food preparation requires precise measurements on daily basis. Compact space saving design with long handle and easy double pour, this makes baking easier.

Prize range is from 150 to 400inr. Your younger kids can help you in your dinner for that reason this will one of the best handy tool.

10. Spin Mop with bucket
When you need a tool for whole-floor spotless cleaning, spin mops is affordable and easy- to-use .Spin mops have circular microfiber that help clean your floors and it’s very easy to clean hard-to-reach areas at home. It comes with mop buckets that have built-in spinning baskets that removes dirt and water from the mop’s head. Prize range starts from 600 to 1300.

Hiring a mad especially when you are pregnant, having old parents at home is sometime not comfortable. This gadget can clean your kitchen and other space very quickly without any extra efforts.

11. Manual Stainless Steel Roti Press, Papad/Khakhra/Chapati Maker
A simply perfect chapatti press kit that’ll help you make round chapattis easily and quickly. This is super easy to use. Prize range is from 700 to 1500inr.  You may open your housemate tiffin services soon if you are using it. In addition, Singles can make their roties at home whenever they needed at very low cost. Together with roommate it will more easy.

12. Portable vacuum sealer.
The vacuum heat sealer help you not only to storage leftover foods, snacks, fruits and so on In plastic bags But with sealing you can keep foods freshness and taste. This plastic sealer is suitable for chip bags, vacuum sealer bag, cookie bags, pet food bag and other PP, PE, PVC bags. Overall this one is will call your best tool at home.

13. Portable juice blender.
TPortable juicer makes life easier which help us to take care of ourselves, these portable juicers are fully packed with power and performance and are really easy and convenient to carry anywhere. USB Portable Juicer becomes essential for all your travel and adventure stories.

One can just chop fruits and make juice instantly. Price range is from 500 to 1200. This will be your all in one tool at your work space. It will be all rounder tool especially, when you are loosing weight.

14. Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Prepare and give your kids a theater-quality popcorn anytime at home! Pop delicious and healthy popcorn in just 1 minute to instantly satisfy popcorn cravings. Air poppers are the healthiest way to make popcorn as they don’t require oil or butter. Prize range is from 900 to 1400. On the occasion of birthday, kitty parties you may save a lot.

Without any delay you may buy popcorn online and from your local market. To be sure not open it quickly while using it, atleat wait for 5 min. Taste them

For example – real butter hot air popcorn, salt stick air popcorn

15. Dish Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder
The soap dispenser is with hole and tray design, which can help you collect the water flowing out of the sponge. The 3 in 1 soap dispenser is composed of sponge, drain tray, drip tray, bottom box and press valve, and keeping water off of kitchen counters. Compact design is very suitable for being placed in the sink, which make your kitchen looks more clean and neat.

In any event we need time to sit with our friends and family. This will really work on that time. As a matter of fact, we need a good balance of our work and food.

Generally, family is truly depended on the women. List of good kitchen gadgets will solve this problem. After using it since last 6 year without a doubt, it is really needed tools at your home under your budget.

You can not only save the time and money , as well as a year trip plan to local can be happen if we see the time and money we saved.

What’s more just go and give your wife or a friend a lovely gift. Another key point, this help a women to reduce their health issues.

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