Tips to Style Your Everyday Jewellery – Dress or Jewellery


When we talk of styling jewellery, we’re usually focussed on some sort of an event. What we forget, however, is that everyday jewellery needs some styling thought too. And that is exactly what we’re going to focus on today. So, let’s begin.

  • Choose your focus – dress or jewellery

Although, will give you benefits both  dress and jewellery go hand in hand, one of them is always the show stopper and you have to decide who that is going to be. If you style both of them heavily, you’ll end up with a very gaudy look. The key is to choose your focus. Either your dress or your jewellery can be the main focus. If one is heavy, the other one has to compliment it by being lighter or delicate. For instance, if your dress has heavy embroidery or shimmer, then it makes sense to have light jewellery, delicate, with minimal colours and not too bulky, like just your sapphire engagement rings Hatton garden and a matching pair of earrings to go with it. Similarly, if the dress is really plain, then you can spice it up with heavy jewellery.

  • Don’t overdo it

Even with jewellery, one can go visibly wrong if you overdo it. Not all jewellery pieces need to be worn together and not all of them go with each other. Make sure to wear only what is absolutely necessary. There are a few hacks for jewellery styling. For instance, a heavy neckpiece will into need long earrings. Similarly, long and heavy earrings do not need a necklace at all. They can be instead paired with a chunky looking bracelet.

  • Experiment with layers

Layers are always cool to sport. You can create layers in all types of jewellery. Necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, etc can all be stacked to create layers. Stacked jewellery is trending these days. It helps to give a cooler look as you can carefully select and combine the jewellery piece you already possess to create a lovely new look.

  • Suit your necklace to the dress neckline

It is important to wear a necklace that is compatible with your neckline. A deeper, v-cut neckline calls for a longer chain-like necklace, whereas, a high neck can be worn with a choker or no necklace at all. Overlapping the Hatton garden diamonds necklace with the neckline ruins the look for both those things. Also, often lot of the how of the dress is within the neckline, so covering it up with a wrongly fitting necklace would just defeat the purpose of the dress.

  • Don’t follow trends blindly

Trends come and go every month. While they are really tempting and one would like to stay up-to-date with fashion, it isn’t wise to follow them blindly. It is important to check what jewellery you already have, what sort of dresses you have before you go ahead and buy the trending jewellery. It is possible that the trends might not go with your style, with your wardrobe and you may end up looking tacky. To avoid this, it makes sense to follow only suitable trends.

  • Choose the main attraction of your jewellery

While dressing up, you’ll need to choose which jewellery would be the main attraction. Some looks focus on the chunky neckpiece, while others focus on dangling hoops and delicate bracelets. You can style the rest of your jewellery pieces keeping in mind the main attraction so as to avoid overdoing the look.

Final Thoughts

Jewellery styling is as personal as it gets. Everyone has their own individual style and it suits best to follow it while doing your everyday jewellery style-up.

The evolution of jewellery can be broadly divided across three civilisations i.e. Egypt, India and China. The Egyptians laid a firm foundation for metallurgy, gem collecting, and glass manufacture. They were the trendsetters of unique fashion jewellery. On the other hand, Indians made jewellery an integral part of their daily life and religion. They were the first ones to devise and manage the art of gold. It is this unique skill set that became a driving force for the incredible expansion of European Civilisation during the Age of Discovery. China slowly focused on creating jewellery inspired by nature, animals and dragons, this gradually became popular across Asia making them pioneers of creativity.

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