The Small Action of Growing Plants Have A Big Impact To Our Life and Nature


All living things definitely need food to survive, be it humans and even animals. Humans need both animals and plants for food. Animals need plants to survive. However, plants and ocean plants do not need humans or animals to ensure their survival. As long as the sun is there, they can definitely live. Of course, plants are wonderful, but not only that, they are also very important and useful for people, animals and the environment – for the existence of the earth and all mankind. That’s why we have food to eat, clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe, places to live, warm weather, and when we’re sick, medicine to cure our illness.


Plants are one of the most important sources of food for humans, whether they are vegetables or fruits. Animal meat is another source, but what do animals eat? Plants of course!


The world is made up of about 71% water and 96.5% ocean, which means that there is only a small fraction of the water that humans can drink. However, we do things for our nature that make the water and air polluted and dangerous to our health. Plants have the ability to purify and purify the water we have to drink. The transfer of water from the soil to the atmosphere, or “transpiration”, is also possible with plants.


As mentioned above, humans do things that are harmful to our mother nature, including the oxygen we breathe. Vehicles and factories are the main sources of air pollutants. Plants have the ability to reduce carbon dioxide and return it as oxygen. At the same time, it is highly recommended to plant plants such as flowers and trees along highways and around factories and other institutions.


Plants provide shelter for both humans and animals. The wood of the trees is still used to build houses and the trees are used as shelter for animals such as birds. Forests are places where you can see all kinds of animals and different species.

Global Warming

A serious problem facing the world today is the continuous deformation of the ozone layer, which protects us from the direct heat of the Sun.. Tree planting activities are recommended to be done every year to help save the earth and it is said that growing plants in our homes also helps a lot.

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