e-bicycle accessories

Must-Have E-Bike Accessories For An Amazing Ride

e-bicycle accessories

With e-bicycle getting popular in the market, many people are shifting to e-bicycles from their standard bikes to elevate their riding experience. So, if you’re among them and have already purchased an e-bicycle for your needs, you can enhance your experience by getting yourself some e-bike accessories.

Wondering which they are? This guide will familiarise you with the electric cycle accessories you need to keep your bike in proper condition.

13 Must-Have E-Bike Accessories

Add these accessories to your shopping cart and purchase these essentials to have a safe ride.

  • E-Bicycle Helmet

This is one of the most vital purchases you cannot afford to miss before commencing your e-bike ride. Helmets will keep you safe from accidents and severe injury. You must wear a helmet every time you go out from a ride

  • Tool to Fix the Nut and Bolt

You might need tools to tighten the nut and bolt during your e-bike ride. Ensuring the nuts and bolts are in the correct place will keep you safe from accidents. Therefore, buy screwdrivers, wrenches, and Torx and keep them in your e-bike toolkit. These tools will come in handy whenever you need to fix the nuts and bolts.

  • Basic Toolkit

Just as it is crucial to buy an e-bike, it is also vital to purchase a toolkit to carry the necessary equipment you might need while riding. For example, you might encounter issues with the throttle, chains and brakes. Keeping the right tools in a toolkit during the bike ride can help you mend these problems on the go.

  • Digital Multimeter

This essential tool helps calculate the battery resistance, voltage, current, controller, and motor. If you’re planning to buy an e-bike or have bought one, you must get this equipment to measure electrical problems and ensure that the bike is functioning correctly.

  • Light

If you want to drive your e-bike during the night, getting good lights in front of the bike is essential. This way, you can navigate the route to your destination even in places with low or no light. Besides, it is also necessary to see the incoming vehicles and keep yourself away from accidents.

  • Power Lock

Another must-have tool with your e-bike is a power lock. This tool keeps the bike protected when you’re not riding it. Some power locks also have a built-in alarm that keeps thieves away.

  • E-bicycle Tube Repair Toolkit

E-bicycle tubes can puncture at any time during the ride and affect your riding experience. Buy rubber and rough metal patches and rubber glue or cement to repair your tube anytime and anywhere. You can also keep an air pump to inflate the tire if it punctures on the way.

  • Horns

While the lights can help you navigate your way and check the ongoing vehicles at night, the horns can keep your bike safe from hitting other cars. Every vehicle has a horn to alert the other drivers on the road. If there are no horns, you won’t be able to alert the drivers while riding, and as a result, accidents might occur.

  • Phone Holder

While this accessory is not as essential as the others, keeping your phone safe while riding is vital. Besides, it can also be beneficial if you want to use online maps to reach a new destination. Then, you can open the map from your phone, place the phone on the holder and let it give you the right direction to the destination.

  • Water Bottle and Bag Holder

Similar to phone holders, these are not must-haves for an e-bike ride. However, you might need to keep the bag and the water bottle in a convenient place to ride seamlessly. Instead of carrying the load on your shoulder or the water bottle in your hand, you can place them in the holder and ride freely.

  • Mudguards

Mudguards are essential to keep the wheels safe from water and mud. These guards won’t let the wheels get dirty during the ride.

  • E-Bicycle Mirrors

It is essential to have e-bicycle mirrors to keep track of the vehicles behind your back. You can see the car’s direction through the mirrors and accordingly change yours to avoid accidents.

  • Pedals, Seats, and Hand Grips

Before you ask, these are not necessarily accessories; they come with the bike. However, you need to have the right kind to suit your needs. For example, if you find that the seat is not comfortable or the hand grips are not perfect, you can get them replaced. You can also get new pedals to upgrade your e-bike. Once you purchase these items, go to a bike doctor to install these items on your bike.  


Buy these accessories to keep yourself safe from accidents. Before starting your bike tour, you can purchase electric cycle accessories from reliable e-bike companies and have an incredible experience during the ride.

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