Beauty contest

MissMrsIndia Earth Contest 2022-Indie Royal

Beauty contest

Steps for mothers to win MissMrsIndia Earth Contest 2022

Beauty pageants are considered tough to enter into but proper preparation and confidence can drag you to a huge stage having a majestic crown glittering on your head. The only thing you need to take care of is giving yourself enough time, setting deadlines and parameters to work upon and be aware of big and small things related to beauty contests. If you are a mother and planning to participate in a beauty pageant, well, it’s not too late for you even its time to show your grace and dignity as a woman to the entire world. Check the following tips that can make y

ou win the stage –

Pick the right platform

The most important thing to take care about is choosing the kind of

pageant you should participate in. So, go through the details of pageant carefully and check the terms and conditions.

Search the reputation of the organizing group in internet, evaluate your skills for suitability to take part in the event and calculate the chances of yours to stand on handsome position .

Win a beauty contest

For instance, if you are a 32 year old married woman and other participants in the pageant can be

anyone ranging from 20 years to 50 years old married women, the chances of winning are lesser because there is no competition between a 20 year old woman and a 32 year old woman and even of both these women with a 50 year old woman. So, you can pick a platform which categorizes married women according to their age group.

Choose your reason

Another important thing is your reason to participate in the pageant. Know well why you are planning to be there. Is it your passion from a long time or you want to groom yourself more by participating in a beauty contest? Whether you want to employ your reputation from beauty pageant for your profession or you are willing to serve the society. Reasons may very person to person. You can be asked by the jury what’s your reason.

Be prepared financially

You should know well that beauty pageants can be too expensive. The expenditures start from the registration fee for application and interview and goes on to pageant participation fee, shopping of dresses, shoes and accessories, fees to choreographer for preparation of talent round, photographer for your photo shoot, grooming and gym classes if you opt one and travelling expenditures to the venue. So, you should be prepared financially for these expenditures.

Groom yourself

After filling the application form and clearing the interview round, you should proceed by joining a grooming class. If you don’t want to, you can groom yourself at home only by watching grooming videos online and learning more about the ways divas do. Here are a few things you should involve in your grooming –

Practice yoga, meditation and other exercises which keep you calm.

• Take care of your skin, teeth and hair. Protect them from pollution and start using sunscreen everyday if it’s not already in your beauty regimen.

Never ever skip removing every bit of makeup from your face before you go to sleep. Learn to the formula of protecting skin at day time and repairing at night.

• Read motivational articles and learn a few impressive quotes which you really believe on and can speak while communicating.

• Go through a lot of online websites, magazines and videos of beauty pageant winners to select your pageant dress.

Pick your dresses, shoes, bag and other accessories for every round; wear them and catwalk with those clothes on. This will boost your confidence of wearing your pageant dresses.

• Accept your shortcomings with full heart and learn to represent beautifully with those shortcomings.  It’s ok if you have not so beautiful facial features or hair and its totally ok if you are not able to communicate in particular language.

Prepare for various rounds

Go through the details of the pageants and prepare for different rounds. Generally a beauty contest covers 3-4 rounds having talent round, question answer round and traditional dress round. For talent round, pick the best skill you have and that should be something that catches attention of audience. For instance, prepare a dance, musical notes or act to present on the stage.

About Us – Indie Royal continues to build its reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile beauty event in the world & setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility since last 6 years .

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