How Using a Sketchbook Can Boost the Creativity of Your Child?

Every parent wants to make the future of their kids brighter. The time was gone when parents forced their children to become doctors or engineers. Now, they want their kids to focus on their interests and pursue the activities in which they want to make a career. 

To support their kids, parents introduce them to various activity classes. However, kids with the zeal to become an artist need the extra support of their parents to nurture their skills. 

You might be surprised after reading that even bringing a sketchbook with quality sketching paper to kids can help in boosting their creativity. Sketchbooks allow them to jot down ideas as they have them quickly. The sketchbook allows children to record their ideas no matter where they are, whether on a flight, walking in the park, or having lunch at a cafe. You never know when inspiration will strike them. 

If you are also the kind of parent willing to support and level up your child’s artistic skills, this article is a must-read for you. Here we will explain some simple ways to encourage your artistic child.

Give Them a Space

If children process the world around them through art, they may seek additional art time. Make an area in your home where your youngsters can freely create art anytime.

Also, keep a compact desk organizer loaded with art tools on the table for quick access. White and coloured paper, crayons, coloured pencils, stickers, washi tape, cardboard, string, tissue paper, and cloud clay are good options.

There’s no need to schedule “art time.” Allowing your children to choose when and how they create will turn it into a self-directed learning and growth place.

Provide Them With a Sketchbook

Artists use sketchbooks or sketching paper to scribble down ideas, keep a visual journal, or improve sketching skills while on the go. If your children are constantly making art, provide them with a sketchbook to keep their drawings organized. Reading back through an old sketchbook and seeing how far they’ve come is exciting. Sketchbooks improve observational sketching skills.

Sketchbooks are best used while travelling. They may observe people and practice figure drawing at the airport. Older youngsters may write a thought and draw their favourite memory from that day. Sketchbooks are as diverse as the artists who use them. The plan is to let them get their ideas out of their head and onto a page to create a visual record of experiences that they can refer back to later.

Celebrate the Process, Not the Product

Perhaps kids are true artists yet too young to bring beautiful things home. How do you support this kind of artist?

When praising young artists, you should commend the process rather than the final product. Their line quality, painting prowess, or concentration level may all have improved. Don’t just focus on the final product’s quality, but recognize more minor accomplishments. Your child will discover that art has intrinsic worth beyond aesthetics.

You can also tell them to create the drawing again in front of you. They may spend between three to twenty minutes (or more) on a sketchbook, and you should be reassured about what the product will look like. This is about the process.

Keep the Arts Alive

For a budding artist, nothing is more thrilling than experiencing “actual” art firsthand! Visit the neighbourhood museums and art galleries with your kids. There’s a strong chance that the museum closest to you conducts tours during which kids can work on art projects with the assistance of museum staff. Even if you decide against taking a guided tour, you may still introduce your child to the real world of art by just strolling through a museum.

Promote Curiosity

Remind your kids that it is essential to be curious and investigate their ideas. When you promote inquiry in the home, your artistic child may be more likely to explore and add new ideas to their work. Encourage them by telling some story and ask them to draw a picture on sketching paper accordingly. This activity can help them to get new ideas while drawing new pieces in the future.


So these are the simple ways to encourage your children’s artistic skills. Whatever step you take, the sketchbook plays a crucial role. Drawing paper for sketching or sketchbooks is excellent because your children are not confined to sketching. They can use it to explore different mediums, study different techniques, create colour palettes, and keep a visual collection that inspires them. To get quality sketchbooks delivered to your home for your kids, you can visit Canvazo.

Author: Priyanshu Tripathi

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