loan against property emi calculator

How To Use A Loan Against Property EMI Calculator?

loan against property emi calculator

A Loan Against Property (LAP) is used for a bouquet of purposes. And you can repay this loan in monthly instalments. If you are worried about the applicable interest rate and don’t know how much EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) you will have to pay, use a loan calculator.

A Loan Against Property calculator is a free tool available on the website of multiple lenders. The calculator lets you find out the applicable interest and the monthly payment amount for various combinations of loan amount and tenure. Let us find out more about a property loan calculator in the article below.

How Can I Use a Loan Against Property Calculator?

A Loan Against Property calculator is an easy-to-use tool with which you can find out the EMI amount. Follow these steps to use this calculator:

  1. Enter the loan amount: Increase or decrease the principal loan amount by moving the slider of the calculator. Your actual loan amount is based on the current market value of the property. Consider the loan amount you need and enter the desired amount accordingly.
  2. Enter the applicable interest rate: A bank Loan Against Property interest rate varies based on the borrower’s eligibility. The interest rate depends on the borrower’s credit score, age, income and property value. Enter the interest rate in the calculator your lender is charging for a Loan Against Property.
  3. Enter the duration of the loan: It is the last piece of information you need to insert into the calculator. Usually, lenders provide a Loan Against Property for a maximum duration of 15 years. The Loan Against Property interest rates change with changes in the loan duration. The longer the loan duration, the lower the EMI will be and vice versa will be the case. Therefore, choose a loan duration as per your repayment capacity.

By filling in these variables, you can find the estimated EMI for a Loan Against Property.

Why Should You Use a Loan Against Property Calculator?

You can use a Loan Against Property calculator for the following benefits:

  • Budget planning: A Loan Against Property calculator shows how much money you need to keep aside every month to pay your loan EMIs. In a way, the calculator is helping you with your monthly budget planning. Using the tool, find out if you can comfortably adjust the added expense of EMI payments and other monthly expenses. It saves you from the stress related to unplanned loan repayment.
  • Helps create a better credit history: Knowing in advance how much you will have to pay every month as an EMI for a loan reduces the delay in loan repayment. Regularity in loan repayment helps you create a better repayment history and a strong credit score.  
  • Helps in comparing different loans: Use a Loan Against Property calculator to calculate the effective cost of the loan from different lenders. It helps you identify the best deal on a Loan Against Property.

Features of a Loan Against Property Calculator

  • Easy-to-use: The LAP calculator is easy to use. The borrower has to put in a few values, such as principal loan amount, loan duration, and interest rate. After that, the calculator shows the results immediately.
  • Convenient: The calculator is a free online tool. There is no restriction on the number of times you use this calculator. It saves time from manual calculations, which are time-consuming and prone to errors.

The Loan Against Property calculator gives instant results to interested borrowers. It can save the borrower from applying for unrealistic loan amounts. And they can calculate how much EMI they can comfortably pay and apply for a corresponding loan amount.

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