How to Prepare for GMAT in One Month from Home


Getting into a top MBA program is a dream of many. The first step to that is clearing the GMAT exam. When it comes to preparing for the exam, some people might have enough time to do so, while others may only have one month. If you are someone who only has one month left before the GMAT exam, it is imperative that you effectively plan and prepare well within the limited time you have. Doing MBA is the biggest aim for many people, and for them, this GMAT exam will be more essential.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you prepare for the GMAT in one month. So, keep reading!

Strategies for GMAT Preparation in One Month

With one month in hand, preparing for GMAT could be a challenge for most of you. However, you can study for GMAT in 1 month, if you follow some effective study strategies and focus entirely on preparation. To help you start the preparation and give you an idea of how to go about preparing for the test, we’ve added some strategies below.

  • Know the format – A thorough knowledge of the GMAT format is essential to preparing well for the exam. This will help you understand the sections in the GMAT and the question types asked in the test. Besides, knowing what to expect in the test help you plan and strategize your answers. For this, first you must go through the syllabus of GMAT which is available on their official website. There you will find analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning sections. You can also download it from the web. Once you get the syllabus, familiarize yourself with the sections of the exam, and understand the concepts asked in each section to identify the areas where you need to focus more. It will help you to score more marks and also prioritize the questions according to the mark.
  • Create a study plan – A good study plan can organize your study and keep your preparation on track. Hence, once you understand the format of the exam, create a well-organized study plan. Write down the tasks for each day and divide the time for them realistically based on your other daily schedule. Ensure that you don’t set lengthy study schedules. Instead, divide the time carefully for each of the topics. Even if you get some time off in between your work, revise concepts that you have already learnt instead of learning new topics. You could even take short quizzes during those short intervals. Thus these kinds of plans will give you the chance to face the exam in just eight weeks.
  • Gather the resources – Preparing with only the good resources can give you the best results. Hence, once you create a study plan, start gathering the resources needed for the GMAT preparation. The official websites and official guides are the most reliable sources for your GMAT preparation. However, a lot of coaching centers are also providing study guides and resources to help you prepare for the exam. The past examination questions are gathered with the answer, and that will make you to prepare very well. These resources are the important ones to use to gain the good marks.
  • Take mock tests – Taking mock tests is one of the effective strategies that will help you score well in the exam. Attempting mock tests lets you understand the format, style, and structure of the actual GMAT paper you’ll attempt on the exam day. While attempting the mock tests, try to attempt the timed tests. This will help you strategize the pacing techniques that will help you perform well in the exam. The timing is always the important one in the exams. Therefore when you want to clear the exams then you have to allot the time for the specific section. The proper allotment and the following of the time will give you the chance to attend all the question within the particular duration. Therefore only when you attend the mock tests in the regular interval you will be able to complete the exams.
  • Identify your weakness – The preparation of the exams is not easy without the proper study materials and mock tests. This is the reason that the website itself provides the GMAT preparation guide that will help you to identify the negativities easily. It is easy to strengthen the areas in that you are lagging in the marks easily. This will help you to clear the exam with the full score. The rectification of your weakness will make you to score high marks in the GMAT examination and that will make you to admit in the top universities.

GMAT preparation is no cakewalk. Whether you plan to do GMAT preparation at home or opt for coaching, only hard work and practice will help you secure good scores. Hence, without waiting further, plan your preparations and start early!

Author: Pooja Sharma

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