How to become an FAA Certified Drone Pilot- Steps and More

How much do you want to learn how to operate your drone without getting into trouble? Looking for advice from someone who has been in the industry for a long time but doesn’t have a lot of first-hand knowledge?

That’s great; we’ll help you out.

Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to become an FAA-certified drone pilot

Unlike many other websites, this one was authored by myself, not a content writer. I’m an FAA-certified flying instructor and an active drone attorney. As a result of my training and expertise, I’m going to assist you to fly your drone without fear of a government inspection finding out you’re breaking the law.

Entrepreneurs who want to get started as professional drone pilots may expect to spend less than $1,000 on the acquisition of a drone and a licence, as well as a few hundred dollars on training classes. Because it’s so easy to start your own business, many people are doing it. As the market becomes more crowded, it’s more important than ever to distinguish yourself from the competition by developing your own unique set of skills and knowledge.

Let’s overview the major laws.

Recreational Drone Test

Drone laws have been in flux, with restrictions being made and then amended, but previous regulations remaining in place. Under the old regulations, recreational pilots were allowed to fly under 14 CFR Part 101. Part 101 is no longer valid and should not be relied upon. Part 101 subpart E was withdrawn by the FAA.

Recreational flying is now regulated under 49 U.S.C. Section 44809. If you want to learn all about how to become an FAA certified drone pilot, you have to be updated about these rules.

Do recreational drone pilots have to be licensed? No, but they’ll have to pass a test.

FAA Re-authorization Act of 2018 mandated that recreational drone pilots complete an educational and safety exam. You’ll utilize the proof of completing the test to show that you’re in compliance with the recreational drone legislation if you pass the exam.

The FAA is currently working on this test, thus it hasn’t been implemented yet. If you haven’t passed the exam, how can you fly legally? While the new Advisory Circular is still being developed, you may fly according to Advisory Circular 91-57B, the FAA’s latest publication detailing this.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Permit (Remote Pilot Certificate)

Commercial pilots may choose between Part 107 and Part 61 and Part 91 if they choose to fly. You’ll need a licence for each route you choose.

If you wonder how to become a certified drone pilot, know that manned aircraft commercial pilot licence is required to fly under Part 61 and 91. As a result, this will be exceedingly time-consuming and expensive. For most of these Part 91 activities, we simply ask the FAA for an exemption from restrictions and fly using a remote pilot licence instead. Check out my comparison of the many ways of acquiring permission to fly, including exemptions, waivers, COAs, and more.

Part 107 is the simplest to fly under for the vast majority of commercial drone operators in the United States. A remote pilot certificate is required if a pilot is flying under Part 107. It will be explained in this post how to get this certificate.

In order to become a professional drone pilot, follow these basic steps:

  • Purchase a drone
  • Learn how to fly a drone
  • Enroll in a training program.
  • Learn to fly a commercial drone and get your pilot’s certificate
  • Start a company
  • Get drone insurance

Purchase a drone

You must first learn how to fly a drone before you can become a professional drone pilot. Even if you don’t own a drone, a flight simulator may be a useful learning tool for learning how to operate a drone. Additionally, learning to fly in a virtual environment like a flight simulator is an excellent first step. As soon as you can afford it, acquire yourself a drone and learn how to fly it.

Learn how to fly a drone

It’s a good idea to begin by practicing the fundamentals of flying with a drone if you’ve never done it before or consider yourself a novice. Start with a few easy exercises if you’re apprehensive about flying your new drone.

Enroll in a training program

Learning drone skills may be obtained via a variety of various means. In addition to community college and even full-time college programs, drone pilot training is available. Getting certified to operate a drone and acquire the necessary skills may be accomplished in this way, but it’s one of the most costly and time-consuming alternatives.

Even though attending a live, in-person course with other students is fun, it is not the only or even the best method to learn how to fly a drone.

It’s possible to learn anything from the fundamentals of flying a drone to more advanced abilities like cinematography, mapping, and surveying.

Learn to fly a commercial drone and get your pilot’s certificate

As a commercial drone operator, you must first get a drone pilot’s licence from the Federal Aviation Administration (in the United States – in other countries, there are equivalent authorities that issue drone pilot licences). While the procedure isn’t impossible, there are a number of processes including an Aeronautical Knowledge Test that many find the most intimidating.

Start a company

It may be difficult to start a company of any sort. When you’re first starting out, it’s extremely difficult since you have to balance the expenses of the early launch, find new consumers, grow your product (or this instance, your skillset), and establish a good reputation. If you want to know how to become an FAA certified drone pilot, it is important to remember the paperwork. When it comes to becoming a self-employed freelancer or contractor, you have to deal with the paperwork and legalities of doing so. There’s a lot of work to be done here.

Get drone insurance

Making sure you have enough and appropriate insurance is a critical first step in becoming a professional drone pilot. Professional photographers, real estate agents, and drone inspectors all require drone liability insurance. If you think your usual company insurance will protect you, think again. In the vast majority of circumstances, it will not.

You have to remember these steps in order to become a certified drone pilot. If you want to start it as a profession, it is important to make the right start.

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