Foggy headlight

How Do You Restore foggy and cloudy Cloudy Headlights

Foggy headlight

As per most experts, you must never take out your car in the evening if the headlights are not working to their total capacity. There’s no disputing that this is one of the most crucial safety measures you must follow. Reading this article, you can learn all about headlights and how to restore cloudy headlights

You may stick to routine maintenance, like car washes to the dot. However, you must also pay close attention to your car’s headlights. You must note that hazy LED warning lights for emergency vehicles are an unfortunate reality for most motorists. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that fogging of the car headlight bulbs can directly reduce the effectiveness of your headlights. Now, if you are new at this, you would wonder what causes foggy headlights. And, if it’s necessary, how can you restore cloudy headlights

Foggy Headlights- Explained

If you pay close attention to your headlight, you will realise that foggy headlights produce less light than usual. Furthermore, they could also carry a yellowish, dingy tint. So headlight fogging is another factor in this.

It’s a little bit scientific why headlights fog up. These days, automakers use polycarbonate-based thick plastic to make most headlight lenses. These plastic lenses are much more durable and scratch-resistant than the glass ones available in earlier models of automobiles.

This is where you must note that the outer layers of this polycarbonate plastic begin degrading. This is because they break down over time due to UV rays. Due to these modifications, the lenses absorb blue light from the bulbs. This result in a weaker, yellowish light coming out instead. The good news is that restoring cloudy headlights is not too difficult.

What Causes Headlights toBe Foggy?

In layman’s language, there may be safety and aesthetic issues involved with cloudy lenses. But, to put it simply, cloudy headlights can significantly knock down the headlight functionality. 

In addition, they may make you less visible to pedestrians and other road users. Since foggy headlights can reduce light output by as much as 50%, the minimal vision you can have at night, in fog, or during severe weather, the more accidents there will be.

Oxidation: This happens when the polycarbonate car light lens receives exposure to air. This is ideally the scenario with modern automobile headlights as well. However, do note that microscopic cracks occur, which results in cloudiness when lenses come in direct contact with UV radiation.

Motorway Damage: When travelling on underwhelming roads, the glass layers of the latest car headlights receive scratches. Simply put, the lights get dents from the road.

Dirt and chemicals: Your headlights will develop a thin layer of soil and chemical when the car is on the motorway for a while. This layer’s cloudiness can dim the lights on the road.

Where to Find Cleaning Products for Headlights

You must never forget that most auto supply stores today stock at least a few items for maintaining headlights. You may only consider things with the designations “headlight restoration kit” or “headlight lens restoration.” You can quickly restore cloudy headlights by using these goods.

Car owners who want to urgently restore their car’s cloudy headlight can consider a few other practical options. For starters, you can choose baking soda for effectively cleaning the lights. They won’t harm or scratch the headlights with their abrasiveness, sufficient to clear the fog. A cleaning kit in your garage or house is generally a good idea!

Avoiding Headlight Problems

You can make efforts to avoid headlight issues, but you must remain careful. This is necessary when polishing the headlights since you can damage the existing coating if unaware. Moreover, the polish will come without grit, and the soft polish medium can remove the initial yellowing. Finally, park the car under a shade or with the headlights facing opposite the sun. This will prevent any potential UV harm.

Leave the Work to the Professional

You must ideally call in professionals to restore the cloudy headlight on your car for a safe night’s driving. You can complete the job by acquiring a kit through a retail outlet. However, a novice car owner could damage the delicate polycarbonate exterior. That adds extra expense, which you must avoid. You may also opt for the best clear coat type for the best results.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that one mustn’t put up with hazy or cloudy headlights. They not only detract from your car’s appearance but also pose a severe safety risk. All you need are the appropriate tools and experience, and the procedure is relatively simple for you to finish quickly. You now have more knowledge about car lights than you will ever need. You must approach the experienced personnel at Carorbis online if you wish to restore the cloudy headlights on your car!

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