Fun Things to do in Dubai

Fun Things To Do In Dubai With Friends in 2022

Fun Things to do in Dubai

So, do you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy trying new things? So, I recommend that you put Dubai on your bucket list. You will find many fun things to do in Dubai which will satisfy your adventurous spirit.

If we talk about gorgeous and interesting cities in the world, then we can’t ignore Dubai city.

The enormous desert metropolis is constantly attracting new visitors by adding significant cultural institutions, galleries, and design-focused shopping.

There’s always the excitement of sliding between the high floors of a glass skyscraper or leaping into the world’s largest dive pool if you want an adrenaline rush.

Almost anything is possible in this metropolis, as seen by the following list: Let’s speak about more entertaining activities to do in Dubai.

List of Must-Do Activities in Dubai

Well, there are so many thrilling activities to do in Dubai that they can’t all be discussed individually, but here i described show you the important and must-do exhilarating activities.


Deep Dive Pool – Aquatic Fun Thing to Do In Dubai

Fun Things to do in Dubai

Dubai never ceases to amaze the world by making the seemingly impossible possible, such as this deep dive pool.

Dubai’s latest attraction is a world-record-breaking deep-sea dive. It is the world’s first diving facility that allows divers to dive to a depth of 60 meters, which is 15 meters deeper and four times larger than any other diving pool.

Also, things aren’t limited here; the world’s deepest pool offers a fantastic diving experience by presenting a submerged metropolis complete. This submerged city includes lampposts, shopping carts, and many more other common things a person can imagine.

Jumeirah Mosque

Fun Things to do in Dubai

Let us now discuss one of Dubai’s monuments, the Jumeirah Mosque. If the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa have worn you out, pay a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque. A hidden gem in the city.

The Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai, unlike the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is a more ornately constructed and sumptuous structure. It was built in the classic Fatimid style of architecture found in Egypt and Syria.

This mosque in the United Arab Emirates, built-in 1979, is one of the few open to the public, especially non-Muslims.

The mosque was built on Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s initiative as part of the Sheikh Mohammed Center.

Moreover, this mosque can accommodate over 1,200 worshipers. It was constructed completely of white stone in the medieval Fatimid style, with twin minarets towering above a massive central dome. The complex workmanship and beauty get enhanced when it is lit up at dusk.


Desert Safari – A Thrilling And Fun Activity


Fun Things to do in Dubai

Perhaps you are familiar with a jungle or wildlife safari, but don’t overlook a desert safari because it is becoming increasingly popular. Many travelers get attracted to the Arabian deserts in order to have an exceptional experience.

When the blazing sun hits the sand and generates a red glow similar to Mars’ surface, you might feel as if you’re on another planet. When the clouds part to reveal a sky full of stars, the desert becomes even more gorgeous.

You can consider this huge desert as your playground, and with so many activities to choose from, you’ll have a blast. 

Dune bashing is an adrenaline-pumping balance challenge that involves driving a 4×4 automobile up and down a course of steep sand dunes.

Sand boarding is the next activity, which involves sliding down a steep sand slope while maintaining your balance. You have the option to roll or tumble, which makes for an interesting holiday movie.

Quad biking, horseback riding, and camel riding are other thrilling activities include in desert safari.

If you are interested in booking the desert safari tour, then you don’t have to go anywhere. Desert leap safari is one of the most reputable companies for this desert safari tour. They provide excellent customer service.


Global Village

Now comes Dubai Global Village, which is an amazing area in Dubai. Global Village has been a much-anticipated event in Dubai’s events calendar for more than two decades.

This seasonal facility is the largest of its kind shopping, leisure, and entertainment monument. Also, with combining a theme park and a traditional market. It’s more of a cultural hub where you can shop, dine, learn about different cultures. Most importantly, have the most fun and excitement all in one place.

Since its inception in 1997, each of its previous iterations has been a huge success, attracting over five million visitors each year.

There are 26 pavilions in total, representing almost 80 countries. Every Thursday and Friday at 21:00 hrs., you can enjoy a fireworks display for added entertainment. Aside from that, there will be fireworks on important occasions (such as New Year’s Eve) and throughout Global Village.

There are also numerous selfie opportunities and photo spots, such as Arabian Bridge, Arabian Square, London Tower Bridge, and more.

A visit to global village is the best fun thing to do in Dubai. You should surely visit this place to experience the Dubai’s beauty.

A Bonus tip for you

If you have the time and have visited all the places listed above and are looking for something else to do. I recommend that you visit Dubai Miracle Garden and have a good time.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a floral garden in Dubai. It is located in the Dubai land district. In 2013, the garden was inaugurated on Valentine’s Day.

This miracle garden contains with over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants and  is the world’s largest natural flower garden.

This is ideal for those who enjoy nature and are always on the lookout for amazing information about flowers and plants.



Don’t Wait Anymore!

If you want to visit Dubai and seek fun things to do in Dubai, don’t wait any longer. The question is, how will you visit Dubai on your own if you are not a local? You don’t have to be concerned because numerous firms offer Dubai tours with professional tour guides who will properly advise travelers.

For Desert Safari, Desert Leap safari is a well-known firm that allows people to properly discover the beauty of the desert and make their experience more memorable. Simply go to their website and sign up for a tour package that meets your needs. They also have very affordable bundles, which makes it easier for their clients.

Have Fun!


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