Businesses from home: +10 ideas to succeed


Creating businesses from home is an activity that you can consider for 2022. It is a good time to generate the extra income you were looking for, or change your lifestyle and undertake. In this article we give you +10 ideas of profitable ventures.

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Are you waiting for the best moment to start your own business? Is now! Especially if your idea involves doing business from home, since the country is at a key moment , now we are going to explain why.

In case you didn’t know, Argentina is among the five countries with the most growth potential in electronic commerce , along with India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico.

Taking into account that, in 2021, the annual growth of e-commerce in Argentina was 40% according to data from the Ebanx platform , it is natural that entrepreneurs are recommended to create or digitize their business from an online store.

If you want to join this modality, in Tiendanube you can create your store and enjoy the first 30 days for free , so you will see the benefits of selling online.

In this article we are going to explore some ideas for doing business from home . Your main work tools will be a computer and a good internet connection. Remember that:

Big opportunities come from knowing how to take advantage of small ones.Bill Gates

Shall we start? Home businesses may seem simple from the outside, but entrepreneurship requires a lot of work and discipline to take it to the next level . Therefore, we consider it important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of starting at home.

Advantages of business from home

The businesses to do from home that we bring you closer to in this post are profitable proposals. You may already have the advantages of working from home in mind , but let’s review some of them:

  • You will save the cost of renting a physical location . Your house will be your office, workshop, distribution center, etc.
  • You can have another job. There is the option of starting your business while you work part time elsewhere.
  • You are going to own your time and plan your day as it works best for you. For example, if you find that your level of productivity increases at night, you could adjust your schedule to take advantage of it.
  • Savings in “ant expenses”. They are all those small expenses generated by public transport, the snack machine in the office or the cafes. Businesses to start at home allow you to eliminate or reduce them considerably.
  • You decide where to work from. If one day you need a change of air, you can take your notebook and go to work in a cafe or even a cowork .

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Disadvantages of business from home

Working from home also has some drawbacks that need to be considered before adopting this new lifestyle.

  • Distractions. If you live with other people, you may face more distractions than in an office. By spending more time at home, household chores like cooking or washing dishes also increase.
  • demotivation . People who are sociable by nature may feel lonely and even unmotivated when working from home. To avoid this, you can manage your businesses to start from other places.
  • Extended hours. There is a fine line between productivity and overwork. Spending so much time at home could make you want to work more hours. Setting limits and schedules is essential.
  • sedentary lifestyle By not having to move to another place, your levels of physical activity could be drastically reduced.

Have you already experimented with other profitable businesses from home ? We invite you to reflect on this to think about other advantages and disadvantages.

In the meantime, let’s keep exploring, now with some ideas to start from your home (or wherever you are).

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What can I sell to make money without investing a lot?
Image from: What can I sell to earn money without investing much?

Entrepreneurship at home: what can you sell?

We could say that almost everything can be sold from home . In some cases and depending on the item you choose, it is important to have enough space to store your stock .

So, if you were wondering “what are the best home businesses ?” Let’s start by commenting that creating an online store for your brand is easy if you use tools like Tiendanube . Selling online will allow you to scale your brand and reach your most strategic market niche.

Some good home business ideas are:

  • food at home
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Beauty products
  • Floors
  • Crafts
  • Desserts
  • Toys
  • notebooks
  • Candles

📄 Note: in this article we leave you more suggestions of what to sell from home .

10 businesses from home that you can start

  1. Crafts
  2. digital products
  3. Dropshipping
  4. Consultancy
  5. Foods
  6. vintage products
  7. Sell ​​used clothes
  8. YouTube channel
  9. Online courses
  10. Customer service


Do It Yourself (DIY or “do it yourself” in Spanish) is a booming global phenomenon. Take advantage of your creativity and skills to create your own products and sell them in a personalized online store .

A key point to succeed with an online craft business is to work on branding and the way in which you are going to communicate the brand. Talking about the creation process and everything behind a piece could help you capture the attention of potential customers.

⭐️ Professional tip! Consider creating a blog to share this type of information.

A good example of this type of business is Tiendanube Origamiteca, which sells everything from origami-related products to courses on the subject.

digital products

Take advantage of your knowledge and experience by creating digital products such as e-books, online courses, designs, templates, etc.

Currently there are many online tools with which you can create home ventures like this on your own , without having to hire a designer, for example, Canva or Book Creator .


Dropshipping has become a very popular business in recent years. In Argentina, there are more and more options to work under this model. It basically consists of selling products without having inventory , that is, the seller is an intermediary between supplier and consumer.

To do dropshipping in Argentina you need to have an online store. On your website you will be able to display the products and generate sales. In parallel, you are going to work with one or more suppliers that are going to be in charge of sending the products every time you make a sale.

As you can imagine, this business model requires excellent planning and organization .

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How to create an online store for free and start selling
Image from: How to create a free online store and start selling

Let’s keep meeting profitable businesses from home!


Another good idea to create a business from home and start with little money is from your knowledge . How? Providing consulting, advice or online classes. You decide the format, it can be by hour, session or even create “packages” that include several sessions and work material.

There are many SMEs and entrepreneurs that require financial, accounting and even marketing or social media advice, so this is an option that works for many professionals .

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SME Certificate: what it is, requirements and how to obtain it
Image of: SME Certificate: what it is, requirements and how to obtain it


One of the most popular profitable businesses you can have from home is food. Take it to a higher level by selling your creations online!

If it is perishable food, it is important that you have a qualified shipping system to transport food and keep it in good condition.

For example, the Cloud Store Comidas One sells homemade food and in its store it clarifies the days and times in which it can deliver its products.

vintage products

The niche of vintage or antique products is getting bigger and bigger. The little markets and bazaars are full of this type of items and you can become a vintage treasure hunter that brings them closer to those who prefer to buy online .

Whether it is clothing, accessories, decorative elements, vinyl records or any other product that has surpassed the barrier of time, you can give it a chance to be used and enjoyed again. There are many entrepreneurial projects to develop!

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The best pages to sell things in Argentina
Image from: The best pages to sell things in Argentina

Sell ​​used clothes

The clothing business is always one of the profitable ones. If you have many clothes that you no longer wear, it is a good option to look for a second chance for them. The same with the clothes of your children, brothers or other small children that, in general, are in good condition and have little use.

For this business you can use already established platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, applications to sell clothes , or easily open an online store with Tiendanube.

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YouTube channel

Starting your own YouTube channel is still a home-based option, and you don’t really need a lot of resources to do it . What does have to be considered is the quality time that you are going to have to invest in your content in order to stand out.

Review the channels that are similar to what you can offer and think of new ideas. In this article we tell you how much YouTube pays . You will see that it is not negligible to start your business in this medium.

Online courses

Whether it’s about your profession, technical knowledge of something or even your artistic skills, putting together courses on topics that you master is a great option to create an online business from home.

The way to market them can vary because there are platforms like Hotmart that help you create and sell your course with a service fee. You can also sell it on your own and deliver it through platforms like Zoom. You won’t have to leave your house for it!

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How to sell online courses: tips and platforms
Image from: How to sell online courses: tips and platforms

Customer service

Other ventures at home that you can do is sell your services as a customer service agent.

Many start-up companies look for a support area to help them with customer service . You could start that business from your home on a one-person basis, or put together a team of people who attend remotely. How about?

📌 Bonus: You can offer your services on platforms like Soy Freelancer , a site for independent professionals with various projects to work from home.

Profitable businesses from home: ideas that inspire

If you are looking for more inspiration to take the entrepreneurial leap, we bring you a list of profitable businesses from home that can be perfectly applied by anyone who wants to lead their own business . Are we going to discover them?


If you have a specialization or experience in areas such as finance, sports, business, gastronomy or health, you can offer your services as coaching from the comfort of your home.

This type of profitable business from home allows you to work flexibly and you will take your first steps as an entrepreneur with little investment.

freelance writing

Creating content for web pages or blogs is an activity that is booming. To get your first clients as a freelance writer you can register on platforms like Workana, Fiverr or Upwork.

Another idea is that you have your own blog and write articles about the products or services of third parties. To get started, choose your field, build a contact base and develop a value proposition that highlights the quality of your work and attracts your clients.

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Women entrepreneurs: inspiration to create your business!
Image from: Women entrepreneurs: inspiration to create your business!

pastry at home

One of the businesses from home in Argentina that you can try is pastry. Nowadays, personalized birthday cakes are in trend and it is a good idea to explore if your passion is baking and decorating.

Do you like the ice cream shop? It is also an excellent alternative to undertake. Look at Tiendanube Punto Hache , an ice cream school that provides training to those who want to dedicate themselves to this gastronomic art.

Event planning

If you have skills associated with organization, creativity and attention to detail, you can offer your services in event planning.

Weddings, birthdays, graduations and business meetings are some of the scenarios to carry out this trade. For this, you will have to contact other companies that will also be part of the event such as catering or interior decoration.

Get to know the work that Tiendanube Flox does , which specializes in the sale of decoration and wedding items. Without a doubt, an ideal brand that can be part of your first contacts.

online accounting

If you want to provide your services as an accounting specialist, you can evaluate these options: the first is to work with companies remotely and keep accounting records, the balance of earnings, etc.

The second is to have your studio offering private services such as consultancies or teaching online courses.

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