Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Review for 2022

Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

Hey! Are you ready to protect your head? One of the best helmet biltwell lane splitter review for you.

Helmets are defensive equipment worn to protect the head, skull, or brain from injury in case of an accident and can be worn while riding a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or skiing.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

Wearing a lane splitter helmet does not assurance the avoidance of head injuries, but it will serve as a pillow for the head, thereby plummeting the impact of a head smash in an accident.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Review for 2022

About the Biltwell Brand

Billtwell was founded in 2006 with a corporate charter to “Ride Motorcycles, Have Fun” and this Southern California brand has become ever-present with riders looking to try to do just that. This line of retro helmets and riding accessories are well-liked at the shop ever since we began carrying them years ago.

The Lane Splitter is shaped with sufficient fashion to turns heads and sufficient first-rate substances to guard the heads that it covers. The Lane Splitter helmet capabilities a poly-carbonate shell, hinged face defend, removable consolation liner, and Biltwell’s well-known color options.


  1. Meets ECE R22.05 and DOT protection standards
  2. Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-adorned finish
  3. Expanded polystyrene internal shell
  4. Hand-sewn detachable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-molecular foam padding
  5. Audio wallet in ear recesses
  6. Chin curtain included
  7. CNC laser reduces poly-carbonate eye port defend with equal aluminum turning factor covers and mounting hardware as Gringo S helmets.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Review of Solid Helmet

Increasingly styled and punctiliously tested, our best ECE-licensed helmet can be a pinnacle preference for high-overall performance riders. Comes general with an inoculation molded anti-fog clean face protect.

Helmet Fitment: Please comply with the orders in our sizing chart earlier than ordering a substitute helmet inside the equal length as your cutting-edge model. ECE-licensed helmets in shape greater warmly than comparable US DOT-compliant fashions to meet Europe’s stricter requirements for effect decrease.


  1. Vaccination-molded ABS-plastic outer shell is rugged but light-weight
  2. Three-piece Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protection shell dissipates effect masses and fortifies helmet shape without compromising consolation
  3. Molded urethane chin bar pad capabilities the front and aspect vents for cooling airflow
  4. CE-licensed poly-carbonate protection is anti-fog and anti-scrape for protection and sturdiness
  5. Removable/consumable consolation liner and cheek pads function brushed swindle Lycra touch points to take in and dissolve perspiration
  6. Strap capabilities brushed fleece Lycra touch points for consolation and an adjustable strap give up the retainer
  7. Built-in recesses for numerous aftermarket audio & commas systems

Pros & Cons of Biltwell Lane Splitter Review


Hinged face shield – This face shield is that the CE seal of endorsement and is alright for health, safety, and ecological protection.

Optically right shield – The shield is meant to offer a superb field of vision to minimizing deformation then your vision is obvious. The clear visor provides a shield and aid from sun rays, thereby ceremony the eyes safe from sun personal estate.

Chin vent – The chin vents are built to be always open. this enables for the free run of air in and out of the vent and keeps the temperature inside the helmet comfortable and sufficient amount for the rider.

Double fastener – The helmet provides a twice chin band made from a swindle for comfort. This double strap helps keep the helmet on the top in situ against the powerful wind during a case where the rider falls off the bike, the helmet is going to be in situ to guard the top from directly coming in touch with a tough outside.

EPS interior – The within EPS interior offers access for audio and message components. It allows for audio pockets together with the positioning of the ear.

Full face lid – The whole face lid of the helmet offers face defense against weather, and road conditions. When at high speed, the whole face lid protects the rider from the wind.


Since head sizes show a discrepancy, the helmet splitter might not always fit completely.

Features of Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

Hand-Sewn Lining

The helmet features a hand-sewn internal lining. Within the event of an industrial accident, the inner lining will help provide comfort and defense to the rider’s head.

Twice Fasteners

The double fasteners on the helmet’s chin give the helmet another hold on the top. The chin straps are adjustable with end retainers at the ends of the straps.

Side Vents

The chin bar is that the most blatant feature of the helmet holds five side vents. Three are at the jaw place on the helmet, and two on what’s more side of the chin bar. There’s also an outsized air vent at the rear of the helmet.

These vent openings permit for smooth airflow in and out of the helmet, thereby keeping the temperature inside the helmet comfortable while riding an extended cold.

Cushioned Pads

The boldness and chin pads of the helmet are cushioned for comfort. When this helmet is well seated on the top, these pads fit completely to the rider’s face. Their primary reason is to dam out excessive noise from piercing the helmet.

Injection-Molded ABS

The ABS is chemical and heat-resistant. It’s a thermoplastic mix together, and it makes the helmet stronger and firmer.

Hand-Painted Finish

The outer shell features a hand-painted finish. The finish can either be sleek or not glossy. A sleek finish reflects light on the helmet, while a matte finish gives the helmet a small. A matte finish adds no shine to the helmet when dry.

Oval Shape and Light-Weighted

The Biltwell Lane Splitter helmets suit all head shapes and are available within the surrounding, oval head shapes. They weigh 3.5 pounds, making them straightforward to decline the top for an extended ride.

Why Biltwell?

Retro vibe helmets are the in-factor lately. Although they may be of excessive fee, they price the pay cash for.

Bitlwell lane splitters are the best for consolation and those different reasons:


ABA cloth can bear the climate of all seasons- it would not smash at some stage in bloodless and would not burn at some stage in the warmth.


The vents agree for a sincere float of air inside and outside of the helmet and preserve the pinnacle cool while using for lengthy hours. The air inside the helmets reduces the likeliness of a pungent helmet lining.


The best helmet match can be an essential element for riders’ protection and luxury. This biltwell helmet functions as a complete-face guard that protects the attention, additionally due to the entire face.

It additionally reduces facial accidents at some stage in a crash, protects the riders’ faces from flying objects, and avenue dirt. The front guard glass is UV resistant, thereby protecting the eyes from solar rays.

Size and Luxury

The helmet is available in diverse sizes. To pick out the right helmet match, degree your head with a ribbon.

If your size falls among the tiny and common sizes or medium and sizeable sizes as proven on the scale chart, make certain you pick out the smaller of the 2.


Biltwell Full face helmet is mild in weight. Its 4.54-pound heaviness makes it mild at the pinnacle of the rider.

(FAQs) Regarding Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

Is Biltwell Lane Splitter safe?

The Biltwell Lane Splitter functions as a polycarbonate ABS shell with what Biltwell calls a urethane chin saloon.

It’s truthful to say that it is a fairly fundamental helmet even though, so there are not any greater superior protection functions at the Lane Splitter – cloth-like right anti-fog inserts or EQRS.

Is biltwell an sincere brand?

Overall Summary. Like we continually do, we have got scored the Biltwell Gringo on a variety of factors that the majority of motorcyclists moderator a helmet on.

Final Thoughts on Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

A bike or bicycle would not offer riders the protection form of an automobile would. Helmet hard is one of the approaches the pinnacle are frequently non-public from harsh head accidents due to the fact the pinnacle and consequently the intelligence are the most liable to harm at some stage in a crash.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Lane Review evaluation indicates the recompense of Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet and the manner it towers above the rest of helmets inside the marketplace.


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