Benefits and the Power of Your Intranet Software


In a difficult economic situation, most companies generally think, “How can I get more out of what I already have?”

Leveraging the power of the intranet is an easy way to ensure that this philosophy applies to your organization. When a company faces a terrifyingly volatile market, intranets often get lost and turn their attention to the outside world. Increasing income is a major goal, even in the best economies. What we all sometimes miss is to look inward and think about ways to better serve our customers who already have them. Intranets can be the key to providing superior customer service to employees, making it easier for them to grow more sales and add value.

One way to do this (and increase cost savings) is to simplify the channels of internal communication. The intranet should be the single publishing point for corporate newsletters, announcements, and news about customers. If employees can quickly find information in one central location at their fingertips, they can better serve external customers. Intranets serve justice in servicing internal customers and can also offer cost savings when budgets are tight. Instead of sending a broadcast email, post all communications to the intranet. In the Dougherty County School System, all educational curriculum and teacher materials are uploaded to the intranet instead of being printed at the beginning of each academic year and distributed in a 3-inch thick binder.

Teachers have learned to use the Intranet Connection Intranet Software to look for updated curriculum on the Intranet. Labor costs have been reduced and packaging printing and distribution costs have been significantly reduced. If all internal communications are posted on the intranet, the manager can also review the stats report to track the user who viewed the announcement and send reminders accordingly.

I often write about the secrets to a successful intranet. Increasing employee support on the intranet should be a priority to take advantage of the capabilities of this tool. The North Vancouver area is well aware of how important user recruitment is to the success of the intranet. Their intranet site, District Junction, allows users to join the site and provides a way to listen, ask questions, and interact with the community of fellow employees. By leveraging discussion forums, growing work through training, and maintaining an open public environment on the intranet, District Junction has become a reliable place for information.

Here are some simple tips to implement on your intranet to help employees trust your intranet as a resource and facilitate communication for better service and productivity.

Set up company- and department-specific news and breaking news areas. Publish all announcements in your organization to these areas instead of sending broadcast emails

Instead of printing and distributing your corporate newsletter, post it on your Intranet Soloution site. Create a customer blog to share instant news related to your service with your customers

Advertise new content on your site’s home page or set up a content feed. Users can see new related content as soon as they enter the intranet.

Allows users to publish content to the intranet. If users can contribute to the site and be interactive, they are more likely to rely on the site as a daily resource.

Check that your company’s phone list is available and searchable on your intranet, and your customer’s contact list. This is an easy way to provide users with actionable information that they use every day. Use blogs to set up a collaboration workspace so users can share ideas and feedback on how to better serve their customers and add value.

Intranets need to provide employees with the tools they need to do their jobs so that they can work more efficiently as a team. Everyone in the company contributes to customer service, sales and revenue in some way. Use your intranet to invest in your employees and enjoy the benefits.

Advantages of Using Intranet Software

1. That user can benefit from improved internal communication, especially when interacting with users elsewhere. Different software products offer different communication tools, and choosing the right intranet software expands the reach of users within your organization.

2. Some intranet software products provide tools that can provide measurements to your organization. Software that provides publishing and file management systems can save thousands of dollars in paper and processing costs. Online access and email issuance will significantly reduce distribution costs.

3. Does not require a large investment. Today, there are some great “off-the-shelf” products that can deny the need to hire custom programming and development services. Software-as-a-Service is another great option, which can further reduce the need to buy expensive equipment or hire IT resources.

4. In an information overloaded world, intranet systems help build institutional memory. By centrally managing the flow of information and communication, a powerful intranet becomes a valuable resource and enables users to navigate large amounts of information more intuitively.

5. One of the main reasons for implementing intranet software in your organization is that it significantly reduces the time it takes to create, update, and access information. Many policies, processes, and protocols are constantly changing, and intranets are the best way to make the same information accessible to everyone.

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