Adobe Premiere Pro For YouTubers and Students

Adobe Premiere Pro For YouTubers and Students

Adobe Premiere Pro For YouTubers and Students

If you’re curious to know “is Adobe Premiere pro for YouTubers and students?” for learners/beginners then this article is for you. 

In other words, you may rephrase this question like “Is video editing skills worth learning for students, YouTubers, new learners, or beginners?” then you can also continue to read this article cum guide.

After learning Video Editing, Which Jobs Can You Get?

Once you master video editing, you can find a wide range of jobs that fit your skills. In addition to digital marketing and internet video content, commercial advertising, motion pictures, and television, just to name a few.

The jobs include but are not limited to:

1. Professional Film Editor

As you can see, the job description is quite broad. After all, it involves working with the camera, editing the material after shooting, and dealing with the sound. They also collaborate with the make-up, sound, music, special effects, and lighting teams. Furthermore, they closely work with the producers and directors.

Selecting recorded scenes and editing them accordingly is what the TRI does. The TRI is ultimately responsible for the finished product. You should consider them when fixing the dialogue, music, mixed sound, and special effects.

2. Edit Videos like Pro, Video Editor

It is possible to work comfortably as both a film editor and a video editor. There is more to the job description than that. As well as working for filming companies, a video editor may offer their services to private or commercial clients seeking editing services. A video editor may also create advertisements, in addition to filming.

3. Editor for TV studios

studios, working as a live programming editor. Generally, it means working at a studio or company in your area. These positions are often associated with sports and news production. In most cases, their job is to polish videos, which includes cutting live-action and video footage. The job is not for the faint of heart.

4. Animator and artist for multimedia projects.

You should expect to work exclusively in the digital space with such a job description. Among the duties of the job will be to create, animate, and edit videos for use on the Internet.

In most cases, you will work in a team to achieve a set of goals. The team is capable of digitizing content, filming or animating it, and even coming up with storyboard ideas.

5. Broadcast Engineers For Media Channels

These technicians usually work with television, radio, and audio equipment. Their responsibilities include editing audio and video. In addition, they are part of the recording team since videos and sounds go hand in hand. As well as removing or dubbing in various sounds, special effects can also be added.

If you possess video editing skills, you can choose from the jobs above.

How Much Does A Video Editor Make On Average?

None is surprised by the fact that the salary of a video editor differs from person to person. Your income depends on your skills and how much you are willing to be paid by your employer. 

Hollywood’s editors, for example, earn anywhere from $90k to $100k every year. Companies and corporations typically pay between $45k and $55k to their employees. 

It is possible for a salary to change from $75k to $85k if you are promoted or get hired by a high-paying employer.

What Is The Salary Of A Freelance Video Editor?

In addition to making a handsome amount of money as a freelance video editor, you can also work from home. It varies from one freelancer to another depending on how many video editing gigs they get. 

Also, clients pay at different rates. With a steady flow of jobs, freelance video editors can earn up to $44k to $55k per year. The earning potential for the experienced ones can be up to $80k because their hourly rate can be several hundred dollars.

Now, Let’s come back to the topic, Is Adobe Premiere Pro worth learning for YouTubers and Students?

The growth of YouTube is exponential at the moment. An increasing number of YouTubers are making their way onto the platform.

If you are in a competitive environment, choosing the right software will help you stand out.

Today we’ll explore Premiere Pro’s suitability for YouTube projects.

What are the pros and cons of Premiere Pro for YouTube?

This software has many advantages for YouTube. With the help of Premiere Pro’s stylized effects, transitions, free graphics templates, sound effects, color grading, green screen removal, and other features, even a complete novice can create great-looking videos.

With Premiere Pro, you can create the look of your choice with simple tools as well as advanced tools.

You can definitely opt for Premiere Pro if you are comfortable with the subscription fee.

Find out more about pricing and other beginner-related stuff in the following article:

How Do You Become an Expert in Premiere Pro for YouTube?

You may need the following (not all of it) if you plan on creating a YouTube channel, uploading videos regularly, and building subscribers:

  • Engaging intro and outro videos
  • Transitions between videos, blurring, texturizing, and more.
  • A stylish title (like a lower third) with animations
  • Sound Effects for a more professional look
  • Compositing in green screen
  • Templates for motion graphics
  • and memes, etc.

A famous YouTuber will have most of the above stuff in their video – that’s why their video looks so great.

You can easily achieve all this cool stuff using Premiere Pro.


Most of the famous YouTube influencers prefer to edit their videos with Premiere Pro!

Other Skills You need while editing videos on Adobe Premiere for Youtube on your laptop includes

  • Using “Lumetri Color”, you can create the film look of your choice
  • How to remove green screens from YouTube in Premiere Pro
  • Using “Lumetri Color,” you can achieve the look of your choice in the film industry

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