A Guide About The Writers As The Best Salesperson

A Guide About The Writers As The Best Salesperson

A Guide About The Writers As The Best Salesperson

When I go to a dealership to help them develop strategies to boost the sales of their accessories, a few common themes emerge. The majority (well, most) components departments tend to be focused on selling accessories. It’s their job. 

Fewer stores with sales teams focus on this aspect of their business, even though most of them agree that this is something they should do regularly. Nearly all stores concentrate on the department that works with their customers in general–the service department.

The other week, I had a conversation with the General Manager of a store who was recently appointed to the new location. He complained that his service staffers “couldn’t sell, and didn’t seem to want to, either.” 

Then, he made a comment that inspired me to think: “The best salespeople in a dealership should be our service writers.” Having car sales training tips can also cause a sales boost.

He informed me that his goal was to reformulate his staff of service writers to make them more sales-oriented. He was also considering placing some of his top salespeople in this position.

The relationship they have with their customers, the most challenging (and costly) segment to market to is a new client. However, the most straightforward to sell to is the one who is already willing to deal with you. 

Relationship With Customers

An article from 2014 on the issue published in Forbes Magazine states, “If you’ve done an excellent job of taking care of your customers in the past. And your product has performed very well, they’re generally willing to give any new product in your line.

Since the relationship is already established, more (expensive) marketing is needed.”

Meet the writer for this story, Patrick Blackburn. Patrick oversees the entire VPEs west of the Mississippi River, working to give them the direction and tools needed to succeed as they travel to automotive dealerships across the country. 

Please find out the ways our VPEs can assist your dealership in boosting sales of accessories by providing consultation.

However, most dealers concentrate most (or almost all) of their selling efforts on the home entrance.

I’m not saying that it isn’t essential. Still, it is crucial for the long-term success of a dealer’s accessories program to customize the experience for every new customer that a dealership draws. 

My question is: “Why aren’t we putting the same energy into selling to the customers who have already placed their trust in us?”

Most of the time, your service writers have developed connections with your “regular” customers, and trust has been established between them. 

This lowers a buyer’s natural resistance to being presented with items for sale. Visualize-personalization

Customers want to be able to customize. A recent NADA study found that 91% of buyers will make customization, but dealerships don’t receive just 10% of the business. 

This is a low-hanging berry. Customers want to be able to personalize. They will be able to create their customizations from you and access them from any homeroom.

Helping The Customers

They are there to assist the customer. They are speaking of making it simple for your writer to write your service too. The most frequent objection I hear when I discuss ideas for selling through our service department is they’re too busy. 

We all are aware that our teams must not be overwhelmed to make sales or help a client create the car they’d like. They’ll never be overwhelmed when you make it simple for them. 

Offering adequate auto sales training and a simple method to show the accessories to customers is a great start.

The retention rates grow if your customers can build the car they’ve always thought of and can afford. They’ll know they can trust you to deliver the correct item at the right cost and installation. 

The process of customizing can be fun and an enjoyable experience for your customers whenever they visit your dealership.

Working With Program

They’ll be able to use the program. Many service writers earn their wages by gross income, so there shouldn’t be a lot of resistance to launching programs for selling accessories. 

Since you’ll be paying them more, it’s easy for them to improve your (and your) rates of retention. As well as create happy and loyal customers, and they’ll be able to sign up enthusiastically for this program.

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