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8 tips for a quick and easy house move –

Moving Companies in New York, NY

Before leaving the old house, here’s how to make an easy house move

  1. Before packing, please clean. Get rid of everything you don’t like or don’t want anymore. It’s no use taking unnecessary things with you; the space they occupy in the truck is money!
  2. Do not empty certain drawers. Leave all clothes or non-heavy objects inside the drawers and limit yourself to protecting the furniture. This makes them heavier for sure, but as long as the drawers are full of light items (don’t stuff them with books) it shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, if they weigh a lot, you can always transport the drawers separately. What’s clear is that this decision has a double advantage: you’ll need far fewer boxes, and once you’re in your new home, everything inside will be easier to locate.

  1. Store soft items in garbage bags . Little glamorous? Undoubtedly. But it is one of the best ideas during a local movers NYC. Fill heavy garbage bags with soft items like comforters, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. and use them to fill free spaces on the truck. This way, space is saved and, in turn, other items and furniture are protected. To ensure that the contents of the bags are also protected, use electrical tape to seal them. Finally, record the contents of each one with sticky labels and a permanent marker.
  2. Pay attention to household appliances

There are many interesting tricks that will help you when transporting your appliances. It is not only important that we take into account their dimensions, but also how to store and protect them during transport. Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing your appliances:

Small appliances

Appliances such as blender, toaster, sandwich maker, etc. They are of a more manageable size. For this reason, we can easily store them in any box that protects them from possible knocks along with the rest of the kitchen utensils.


First we have to store the turntable and the support in a bubble wrap or something that protects it from the blows that it may suffer during transport. In the same way, we have to store the cable so that it does not get damaged or tangled with the rest of the objects and cables in the transfer. Finally, it is recommended to store the rest of the microwave in a padded box and keep it away from very humid or high temperature places.


We must first empty and clean it. In case you have a built-in freezer, we must defrost everything a few days before and make sure it dries. It is necessary to turn off the refrigerator at least 24 hours before transfer. During the easy shipping process or moving house, it is recommended that it be covered with material that avoids scratches or bumps, either by covering it with blankets or with bubble wrap.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is a type of equipment that can be easily damaged, so its transport must be carried out with extreme caution. You should look for a cardboard box that is similar in size to the type of air conditioner you have. Wrap it in bubble wrap, place it inside the box and fill the remaining gaps with Styrofoam. If you have the possibility, place the box on a pallet, this way the transport will be easier and safer. It is essential to transport it upside down and place it on a flat, dry surface.

Washing machine and dishwasher

When transporting appliances that use water, we must make sure that any water that may remain inside has come out, to avoid leaks during the move. It is very dangerous to leave the water drain hose and the light connection cable loose. It is advisable to snap them into place and ensure they are secured with tape. Finally, to avoid friction in the moving process, it is advisable to cover it with bubble wrap or some other material that protects it.

Before entering the new house

  1. Paint before the easy house move . If you’ve decided to give your new space a coat of paint, don’t hesitate: do it before putting away all your stuff. The most obvious reason is that it is much easier to paint an empty house than one filled with furniture.

Another important reason to do so is the satisfaction of eliminating this task as soon as possible. Also, if there are other such tasks on your list (changing floors, for example), try to complete them before you move. You’ll save time, inconvenience and effort after the easy house move.

  1. Inform yourself before hiring services for your new home. Surely you will want to continue having wifi at home, right? Depending on where your future home is located, there will be more or less service provider options, such as a phone line or internet.

If you have several options, take the time to ask and inform yourself well before committing to one of them, as it is possible that the company that offered you such good service in your old residence does not have the best infrastructure in your new area.

It may also happen that the area where you are going to live has worse coverage and you find yourself in the situation of having to hire NYC Commercial Moving Company.

  1. Throw away a few more things even after you move . It doesn’t matter how thorough you cleaned it before packing it all up.

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Sometimes, some of the things you decided to bring into the new home with the utmost conviction end up not fitting into the new space as you had hoped. Try not to let it frustrate you too much and take it as a law of life. Sell ​​them, give them to a friend, or, if you really care about them, keep them. But only if you have the space to store them.

  1. Give yourself time to get used to the new situation. Freeing up your schedule a little and dedicating some time to this adjustment period can be very necessary, especially for families with children. Give yourself at least a week or two to catch your breath.

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