6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Cars have now become essential for every person because of the distances and the routine everyone follows. Moving from one place to another has always been an issue, especially when you have to commute on a daily basis, but having a personal car can save you a lot of ticket money and time. One crucial aspect of having a personal car is its maintenance. To make your car run for a longer time, you have to master some mechanical techniques or take your car to auto repair on a frequent basis in order to keep it in good condition.
Every driver should know some basic tips for car maintenance which are given here in this article.

Keep an Eye on the Tire Condition

The most vital part of your car is the tires because they are the ones responsible for keeping your car on the road. Get your tire pressure checked, get your car’s wheel alignment done, and examine the general condition of your tires before taking it out on the road. Never take your car out if the tires are worn out or damaged as they might cause a severe risk to your car.

Check the Engine Oil and Fuel

A car needs food to run just like humans, and that’s why you should be keen about the oil and fuel consumption of your car and get your car refilled in time. Always choose good quality and recognized oils and fuels for your car otherwise impure oil can choke your engine’s filters. Ensure your oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on your car’s dipstick. Try to maintain a record of fuel filling to access your engine’s performance.

Battery Check is Important

Most of the time your car ditches you right in the middle of the road and that is because of battery issues. A car’s battery should be changed after almost three years. Warning signs of battery dysfunction include the engine starting over slower than usual when you start it. The red battery light in the apparatus display may flash when you’re driving or taking unusually long to go out after you’ve started the engine.

Look for the Exhausts and Vents

The exhausts and vents of your car might get junked up with dust impurities when used daily and not cleaned properly. Start your car’s engine in a well-ventilated space and check for leaks and attend to any sort of unusual noises or smoke. Choked vents and exhausts can cause major problems for your engines thus regular inspection is mandatory for them.

Test the Brakes

Check your handbrake and footbrake and ensure they work properly. Test your brakes in a traffic-free area because smooth brakes are necessary for a safe drive.

Get Your Car’s Service Done
Overall car service is essential for the general maintenance of your car. Every car has a different criterion for service; however, detailed service becomes necessary once a year or after every 12000 miles. Technical and mechanical service should be taken care of to make your driving experience smooth.

Know how to maintain the pressure of your car tires can help reduce tire wear and help get good gas mileage. Tire pressure control includes the recording pressure search, PSI control and inflation or tire deflation accordingly.

Rubber on the ground is a danger that can be dangerous for you and your car. There are several preventive steps that you can adopt to avoid an epidemic, including the rotation of the tires every 5,000 to 10,000 miles and the observation of tire reminders.

Change the oil

It is essential to check and modify the car oil to keep its engine in race conditions. Check your oil every month and change it as indicated in the car owner manual.

You can change your oil alone or take it to a service center. If you choose to do it alone, learn the necessary steps to drain the liquid, define the correct oil level and eliminate the old oil.

You should also know what type of engine oil is the best for your car, whether you change oil alone or bring it to an assistance center. This generally means considering three things: the viscosity of the oil, that you use synthetic oil compared to that non -synthetic and the mileage of your car.

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