Hampta paa trek

5 best winter treks in the Himalayas Travel Guide

Hampta paa trek

Introduction –

The Himalayas are the ultimate location of trekking activities. It offers a wide range of options and opportunities for trekkers. It has options for both beginners and experienced people. The trekking itself is a challenging activity and the Himalayas pose enough challenges therein. you can also visit Hampta pass trek.

Winter treks in the Himalayas usually take place during November to March. Lethargic trekkers usually don’t find this season fascinating. But for the energetic souls this is a golden opportunity. The high altitude and low temperature increases the difficulty bar. Winter treks offer expansive snowscapes. 

There are a lot of options for trekking activities in the Himalayas but I will highlight the five best ones which would provide you with the best time and give you enormous experience to begin with.

5 best winter treks –

  1. A walk along the ice Zanskar River is the Chadar trek.

This trek is usually in the Leh, Ladakh region. The duration is of 9 days . It is a difficult trek. The maximum altitude is 11, 123 ft. The trekking trail is usually of 75 kms. The best time to go on this trek is mid January to mid February.  This is a dream trekking destination for most trekkers. Chadar is one of the most difficult and challenging treks. So if you are going on this trek make sure you have adequate essential requirements to sustain you on this trek.

2.Sandakphu Trek :

This is a trek in West Bengal. It is of 6 days. It is a moderate trek with a maximum altitude of 12,000 ft. Every trekker dreams to be on this trek. This trek gives a glimpse of the Earth, Makalu, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga and the Everest. The winter season is usually full of snow and the view is mesmerizing. The trek passes to and fro the Indo-Nepal border, and it presents a blend of cultural and geographical variation. This trek will also take you to the Sangalila National Park which is full of flora and fauna.

3.Brahmatal Trek:

Situated in the Uttarakhand region, this is a decent to moderate trek of 6 days with the maximum altitude of 12,000 ft. People who have never been on a winter trek should visit Brahmatal. It would offer the best winter trekking experience. This trek binds adventure with ease. This trek covers vast forests and high peaks. The beauty of these trails can compete with any trek in the world. Typically, this trek is referred to as a winter trek.. December to February is considered as the ideal time for this trek. During this time it offers a huge amount of snow and is thus loved by trekkers. The weather remains pleasant during the day but it freezes at night. However the rainy season is very dangerous because this is the season of landslides. Carrying warm clothes is a must. Most people however prefer the summers for trekking because they are not comfortable to trek at extreme low temperature.

4.Kedarkantha Trek :

It is a trek in the Uttarakhand region and is of 6 days. It is an easy to moderate trail with an altitude of 12500 metres. December to April is the best time to go on this trek. It provides beautiful scenic views, walks through the remote Garhwal villages. Kedarkantha is one of the simpler winter treks, and it is situated in the Govind Wild Life Sanctuary and National Park in Uttarkashi.. This is the best trek for beginners and even for children. This trek is also not much costly. It ranges from 6,000 to 12,000 rupees.  The best time to trek the mountains is December, January, February and March. This time it is full of snow and people who love snow usually find this trek very lovable. This trek blushes with beauty, giving photographers enormous opportunities to capture the best moments in the mountains.

6.Hampta Pass trek, Manali :

Spread distantly from lush green Kullu-Manali to the barren landscapes of Spiti, the Hampta Pass trek is one hell of an experience for trekkers. This is one of the favourite destinations for young individuals who love the Himalayas for going on treks.

Located at 14,000 ft., Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh is one of those rare treks with forests grasslands and lots of beautiful views in the trail. It is a 6 day trek covering a distance of 25 kms. You will feel a certain sense of satisfaction once you reach the top. Read Also more about service car on rent please check: Car rental Hyderabad

Conclusion –

The Himalayas offer the most beautiful trekking sites and there is no doubt on that. However it becomes a little difficult for beginners because of the steep trails and the high mountains. But if you are keen on going on treks then you should definitely start with the Himalayas. These are only a few treks which are mentioned. Besides these, there are a whole other variety and range of trekking opportunities in the Himalayas. The best of the treks are for the winters basically. So if you are planning a trek then make sure you visit the Himalayas during the winters because its beauty is unmatchable.


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