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15 Features Of A Successful Web Application For 2022

Web Application

“Development of custom web applications can help you in business growth by connecting you with global audiences.”

To make your enterprise web application unique, you need to incorporate top-notch functionality. This will make your business grow, your brand and business will gain more popularity and you can have a competitive edge. You can improve the accessibility for your consumers, which will enhance your sales and revenue in the long run.

Here are some of the essential features and significant elements that will make your web application successful for your brand and business in 2022.

Successful Web Application Features

1. Mobile-First Interface & Responsive Design

You as an entrepreneur need to consider the global trend of the market that is the usage of mobile devices to access a web application. Studies have shown that more than 60% of people use their smartphones to access the internet. Therefore, you need to hire any web application development services in India or web application design that will help you to make your audience comfortable. They can design your web application with a top user interface (UI) that will align your web application’s components with the mobile device. This will make the design outlay of your web app responsive and mobile-friendly. Your web app will fit on any screen without changing its display. Though don’t forget to optimize the loading time of your web app.

2. Social Integration

Social integration is very important for brand image and value in the market. It allows users to log in quickly into the web application with their preferred social media account. This social integration cuts the process short for the registration of a new user to your app and saves a lot of time. The user won’t need to fill out lengthy forms and just sign up to your web application in seconds.

Social integration leads to a better user experience, user engagement and plays a hand in social media marketing too. Social integration also enhances our brand visibility as it enables the users to share their reviews, products, wishlist, orders, and so on through social media networks.

3. Reporting & Analytics

When you are a business owner, you would need to curate information and work on the insights to make your website evolve. Likely, the best feature suited for your web application is analytics. You can tap into some critical insights on user behavior and their purchasing behavior with integrated analytics. This will help you need to keep track and have a brief of the website’s performance and your users overall. This way you can optimize your web apps for higher user engagement and better conversion.

4. Web Push Notifications

Web push messages and notifications are delivered constantly to boost the website’s engagement rate and retain users. This feature comes in handy for your web application’s users as it offers a more personal channel of communication with the consumers and connecting with them in real-time.

You can send targeted push messages to your customers and potential consumers with a click-based on location and behavior into their devices. Web push notifications have a similarity with the native application’s messages that pops up when even the browser is not running.

5. Application Security & Cybersecurity

The priority of your web application is to have secure control over all the data and information of your business and customers. For maintaining a tight web app security, you would need your app to go through HTTPS with a security certificate called the SSL certificate.

You need to hire professional help like any web application development service provider that will ensure a safe and secure passageway or connection to your web application. It will also even work in safeguarding data transfer between you and your clients and the server. HTTP is relevant for your site’s security affirmation and for your customers. Your users can now have safe payment transactions, secure user accounts, private communications, and identity. This way you can establish trust, improve brand loyalty, conversions, sales, and revenue. You can also enjoy a substantial boost in your rankings by Google.

6. Live Chatbots

Live chat is a very customer-centric feature that has the potential to stay connected with your users and provide solutions to their queries. By offering live chat, you can resolve maximum issues of your users effectively and immediately.

Live chat through chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a simple way for electronic store owners to relate to their user’s questions and answers. These viable solutions have a way of making you learn more about your user’s purchasing patterns and decisions. By offering prompt viable solutions, you can create and build a valuable customer relationship.

The chatbots will interact with your visitors and customers through your web application using a natural language processing and recognition pattern. This will store and distinguish the context of all the information provided which will spark a suitable response. The chatbots provide 24×7 assistance by operating all time. These AI-based bots can provide immediate support and solution to all your queries without any intermediary channel.

7. Web Payments

Incorporating web payments in your web application can improve the payment experience of your customers. With prompt online payments, you can also enjoy hassle-free purchases of products and services.

In web payments, you can combine the product charge, shipping, billing details, and payment information in one step and checkout easily after the payment. This way your users can enjoy a seamless payment processing that will allow your consumers to pay quickly through its native UI.

You can also enjoy a payment experience with an easy payment method integrated with your web application with the new API by Google Payment request. It also supports multiple payment systems and currency methods that fit user preferences and business demands.

8. SEO & Discoverability

The discoverability of your web application is not search-engine friendly by default. You need to optimize your web applications’ visibility by overcoming numerous technical challenges. The strategic and methodological implementation of Search Engine Optimization or SEO will help your enterprise and web app facilitate visibility and customer acquisition.

There are many best practices of SEO that will improve your web application’s performance overall like-

  • Avoid duplication of content through canonical tags when serving content from various online sources.
  • Check out tools to know how search engines index your web application.
  • Addition of Schema markup to improve the appearance in search engines.
  • Don’t use fragmented identifiers in your web pages as Google will ignore them.

9. User Rights Management

You can use and maintain a robust user rights management system within your web application as every user has a different purpose to visit your web app. This user rights management feature will help you to limit which user can see what information. This feature also has the functionality to combat information overload effectively.

10. Document Management System

Document Management System or DMS is an integral feature that makes your web application successful and quickly accessible. DMS keeps a track of all your documents and keeps them organized by securing them for the long term. The documents contain critical information about your business, which is not just valuable but also has legal significance.

11. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP technology in web applications can speed up the performance and decrease the bounce rate. They help in optimizing the pages so that they could open and operate faster. These mobile-friendly web applications are readable and make a niche in this competitive market.

12. Single Page Application

You can make your web application more functional with high-speed internet, can transcend from one path that every action made on the page through Single Page Application (SPA). Like clicks on several buttons leads to one more web page downloaded from a server. SPAs grasp the user’s attention and make the web app fast operating and work without any server-side code or API technology.

13. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is the new faucet of development which you can implement in your web application. It is a voice-activated multifunctional command system for users and customers. The voice searches and voice commands that will make your web application-optimized and gain users’ loyalty as well.

14. Motion UI

The motion user interface (UI) is one of the latest and key trends which makes the web application appealing and flexible because of SAAS libraries. They are highly responsive as they are minimalist that vibrates with the audience with new design and motion web design.

15. AR/VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have highlighted the web applications into transforming the businesses. The AR/VR augments quality, productivity, and efficiency. This way your web application can interact with the users better and make your app proactive.


As entrepreneurs and business owners, you must know that there is a constant change in the market flow. Considering the upcoming trends, change in patterns, needs, user behavior, and technological advancements, you need to keep your web application updated and running with key features and functionalities. This will largely help you to grow as a brand and enterprise and even expand globally.

You can also take professional advice from the best web application development agency offering web application design service in India for function-rich web applications.

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